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The latest on cybersecurity threats and news from FireEye.
May 16, 2018
FireEye Chief Intelligence Strategist, Christopher Porter had the opportunity to speak with Jared Semrau, head of our Vulnerability and Exploitation intelligence team. Jared discusses how his team gathers information on new and existing exploitable bugs, combines that with what FireEye knows from engagements and device detections, and how they map that intelligence to known threat actors. There are a lot of myths going around about how vulnerability management should be handled and this discussion helped cut through a lot of that. Listen to the podcast to join this conversation and to learn why FireEye rates less than 0.01% of its vulnerabilities as critical, compared to 10% of vulnerabilities being rated critical by public sources. Jared did a great job explaining for me how this focus on only the truly critical and exploitable vulnerabilities helps our clients better utilize their limited threat hunting resources and keep operational systems online as much as possible without unnecessary out-of-cycle patching.
May 9, 2018
It’s hard to believe, but April 2018 marked the release of our 9th edition of M-Trends. To learn more about the latest report, FireEye CTO, Grady Summers sat down and spoke with one of the key contributors: Jurgen Kutscher, senior vice president responsible for all Mandiant Consulting and Managed Defense offerings at FireEye. During their conversation, Jurgen and Grady discussed a wide variety of topics touched on in the M-Trends report, including the significant increase in attacks originating from threat actors sponsored by Iran, a typically dwindling global median dwell time increasing from 99 days in 2016 to 101 days in 2017, how more than half of organizations that were victims of a targeted attack were getting re-attacked by the same or similarly motivated threat actors, and much more. Check out our podcast today, and also read the M-Trends report to explore the latest and greatest trends that define today’s threat landscape at https://www.fireeye.com/current-threats/annual-threat-report/mtrends.html
April 24, 2018
FireEye CTO, Grady Summers discussed email security with Ken Bagnall, VP of the FireEye Email Security side of the business. Ken came to FireEye following its 2017 acquisition of The Email Laundry, where he was a founder and CEO. During their chat, Ken and Grady discussed a wide variety of topics, including Ken's history in the industry and how he got into email security, how the merging of The Email Laundry with FireEye was the perfect fit, up-and-coming email threats such as malware-less attacks and imposter-based attacks, and what FireEye is doing to stay ahead of these threats and ensure customers remain protected. Check out the podcast, and learn more about how FireEye Email Security can help defend against today's most widely used - and lesser known - email attacks.
Jan. 8, 2018
Chris Porter, chief intelligence strategist at FireEye had the opportunity to speak with Parnian Najafi Borazjani, senior cyber security analyst at FireEye, and Michael Rastigue, vice president, cyber risk practice growth leader for the central zone at Marsh, on cyber threats to the manufacturing industry. Listen to the podcast to learn about current threats and assets (including who the bad actors are, what assets are they going after, and what are some possible motivators for bad actors to target the industry), common exploit routes, and improvement in risk mitigation and transfer options.
Dec. 4, 2017
FireEye CTO, Grady Summers discussed cyber security in 2018 with FireEye CTO for Cloud, Martin Holste. It comes as no surprise that their conversation was very cloud-centric. They touched on various cloud trends and other related topics, including what organizations should be doing as they migrate to the public cloud, and cloud security innovations. Check-out the podcast to hear more about what the new year has in store for the cloud and organizations using the cloud, and also learn about how attackers will be targeting the cloud in 2018 and if there will be any nation-state activity targeting the cloud.
Nov. 29, 2017
FireEye CTO, Grady Summers spoke about cyber security in 2018 with FireEye CSO, Steve Booth. They touched on various topics, including the threat landscape, threat actor techniques, nation-state activity, and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Check-out the podcast to hear more about what the new year has in store, and also learn a little bit about what organizations should be doing to stay ahead of these threats – everything from basic upkeep to managing priorities.
Nov. 1, 2017
Grady Summers, CTO, FireEye recently sat down to speak about FireEye Helix with Paul Nguyen, Vice President and General Manager for Helix at FireEye. During their conversation, Paul reiterated a key focus of Helix, which is to the help analysts be more effective at their jobs. Check out the podcast to hear all about the latest release (Helix 1.2), how FireEye is able to pivot data from the consul through orchestration, and more.
Oct. 10, 2017
Chris Porter, chief intelligence strategist at FireEye recently sat down with Jeffrey Ashcraft, senior analyst at FireEye, and Matthew McCabe, senior vice president and advisory specialist at Marsh, to discuss cyber threats to the utilities sector and how much of what you see hackers do in the movies really happens when utilities are breached in the real world? Listen to our podcast to find out what the difference between an espionage attempt and preparation for an attack is, the importance of terms and conditions in cyber insurance, and how to best distinguish between an attack and an intrusion to your organization.
July 17, 2017
Given recent high-profile incidents, cyber security has quickly risen to the top of the priority list for many organizations, including governments. As with many organizations these days, government information technology and security is migrating to the cloud. As government and public education entities migrate to Office 365, Google Mail or other solutions for their primary email management service, they’re also looking for email security that delivers advanced threat protection, and this requires a service that is FedRAMP authorized. FireEye CTO Grady Summers spoke with FireEye Global Govt CTO, Tony Cole and Risk Management Lead, Stacey Ziegler on how FireEye will support the government as it moves to the cloud.
June 15, 2017
FireEye CTO, Grady Summers interviewed Kevin Mandia in the summer of 2016 to discuss his goals as FireEye's newest CEO. One year later he has caught-up with Kevin to discuss his “One Team” philosophy, the successful launch of Helix, and his love of overcoming challenges.

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