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Aug. 25, 2014
Episode:  22 We're not dead, only partially in Cincinatti. Though Peter is in another state, (physically, same state of mind) we get together and talk to Eric Renz Whitmore and Michael Deitcher to talk about the second Tech Fiesta coming up in September. We also learn more about Cincinnati and how to properly pronounce Michaels last name. dukecitytech_022.mp3 Show Links:  Tech Fiesta official site
Aug. 18, 2013
Episode:  19 Our second attempt at a live hangout fails a little bit. dukecitytech_019.mp3 Show Links:  Wordcamp HTTQ ABQ Tech Fiesta Open Hack read more
July 23, 2013
Episode:  18 Our first attempt at a hangout recording. This requires a live video feed! Sorry. We are working on getting the video embeeded, but for now, you can view it at http://youtu.be/A1o9oBWTdag Eric Renz-Whitmore and Geoff Pietre join us to discuss the upcoming ABQ Tech Fiesta. Outro Music is too obvious to mention. dukecitytech_018.mp3 Show Links:  ABQ Tech Fiesta The Great Salt Sprint Ignite NM
April 15, 2013
Episode:  17 Lori Patton and Zerek Welz are in the studio to discuss the awesome AIGA happenings that are coming up throughout the year along with many other happenings throughout April and early May.  dukecitytech_017.mp3 Show Links:  AIGA Open Hack HTTQ (say it in a French accent) Drupal Calendar read more
March 20, 2013
Episode:  16  Aryon Hopkins joins us in the studio to talk about the Junkado Bicycle parade and all sort of other great projects going on in the awesome city we live in. Outro: Modest Mouse - Worms vs Birds dukecitytech_016.mp3 Show Links:  Junkado National Day of Civic Hacking Inhabitants of Burque (ioburque.com failed me) A/way
Feb. 18, 2013
Episode:  15 Eric from the New Mexico Tech Council joins us to discuss the Startup Weekend Event in March. Mark yells at Peter about his improper Facebook usage, to no avail. And we talk about other great things happening in New Mexico. Music: Head by Venus Diablo dukecitytech_015.mp3 Show Links:  Santa Fe Startup Weekend Project Birdhouse New Mexico Tech Council HTTQ Wordpress Meetup Group RubiABQ Fun-A-Day Closing Show (Peter's Kids Band)
April 12, 2012
Episode:  14 Peter and Mark babble on about some tech going on in New Mexico. We are also doing the Warrior Dash to benefit St Judes Children Hospital, and working out on Fitocracy. Well we are mostly working out.    OK we are talking about working out.   Mark gets mad at reading.   Intro and Outro: Bangers & Mashers by Radiohead. Not Peter's kids on a pogo stick. Maybe we'll do that later or get Thom Yorke to cover it.   dukecitytech_014.mp3 Show Links:  Fitocracy The Warrior Dash (New Mexico)
April 1, 2012
Episode:  13 And, we're back.. again..  Peter and Mark talk about a new approach that we are going to take. We're going to try to do more episodes, more frequently, throwing caution and quality to the wind. Also we talk about local food and how Mark hates being denied that food, Peter's new job, Damon's Beard's beard and xBox.  We apologize in advance if you can't get the mental image of Mark doing Zumba out of your mind. Intro music created by Mark with NodeBeat dukecitytech_013.mp3 Show Links:  httq RSVP to Damon's talk Anatolia Doner Kebab NodeBeat
Nov. 24, 2011
 This episode marks the triumphant return where we try to remember how to do a podcast. Aryon Hopkins and Eric Renz-Whitmore are our guests to talk about the upcoming Bar Camp ABQ.
April 4, 2011
Episode:  11 We talk conferences, format changes and go on location with QueueLab for the Attack of the Robots.   Opening Music: Worms vs. Birds by Modest Mouse Obligitory we're talking about Robots so we have to use this music: Mr. Roboto by Styx dukecitytech_011.mp3 Show Links:  Quelab
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