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SkypePodcast is #1 podcast about Skype. Get yourself out of the 20th century telephones. There is a better choice now. Skype Podcast is where we share Skype with the World. Latest News, Features, Screen Casts, Tips, Product Reviews and more...
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Nov. 7, 2006
Theme: Skype Hidden Emoticons (video) Supported by: - Create Flash Presentations in the browser Skype hidden emoticons:
1. (mooning) 2. (finger) 3. (bandit) 4. (toivo) 5. (headbang) 6. (rock) 7. (smoke) 8. (drunk) Flags: (flag:xx) where xx is 2-letter country code, like in e-mail address. Examples: (flag:us), (flag:ru) Mac Only: How to turn on the hidden Emoticons on Mac: (from post on 1. Control-click on the Skype icon and choose Show Package Contents from the pop-up menu. 2. Navigate into Contents -> Resources -> Emoticons. 3. Control-click on Animated Emoticons.SkypeEmoticonset and choose Show Package Contents again. 4. In the new window that opens, down at the bottom you'll find Emoticons.plist. 5. Open it with a text editor (back it up first), and make sure Skype isn't running. 6. Now scroll down to the end of the document and find the first emoticon with the line <key>Hidden</key> (starting after the emoticon "star"). Simply delete the lines... <key>Hidden</key> <true/> ...under every hidden emoticon, save the file, and you're done. 7. The hidden emoticons will now show as a regular option in Skype. The Emoticons may vary depending on your version of the program. ===== SkypeMe: skypepodcast e-mail: [email protected]
Oct. 23, 2006
Theme: Watching You (on Skype video) Supported by: - free web application for creating Flash Presentations Skype Wi-Fi hot spots in Europe. Linksys CIT300 phone. Danger Phone for Mac. Podshow PDN {podshow-6a464e81d0216ecd42e0d3950243cdcd}
Sept. 8, 2006
Theme: C’est la via (fr) Skype took my money. Free Calls in France. Next generation of Skype phones (with GIPS). Philips VoIP841 phone. New public beta versions for Win and PocketPC. Music: The Fi Podshow PDN {podshow-6a464e81d0216ecd42e0d3950243cdcd}
Aug. 27, 2006
Theme: Skype Birth Review Skype was launched 3 years ago. Send a birthday card to [email protected] Music: Opening Song: Happy Birthday Artist: Craymo Location: Florida, USA Genre: Alternativ Podshow PDN {podshow-6a464e81d0216ecd42e0d3950243cdcd}
Aug. 1, 2006
Theme: Wi-Fi Phones Skype Wi-Fi Phones - No Computer Required News: Wi-Fi Only phones. - Belkin (F1PP000GN-SK) - Edge-Core (WM4201) - NETGEAR (SPH101) - SMC (WSKP100) GSM/Wi-Fi phones are coming. Podshow PDN {podshow-6a464e81d0216ecd42e0d3950243cdcd}
July 10, 2006
Theme: Security Who should care about security? Weakest Link. 
More on security: Bill Cambpell at SkypeJournal News: Versions - 2.5 Windows, Mac 2.0 coming, Linux 1.3. eBay La Podshow PDN {podshow-6a464e81d0216ecd42e0d3950243cdcd}
June 20, 2006
Theme: Skypecast and World Cup 2006 Options: About Skypecast preview. How to host Skypecast. Skypecasts directory. World Cup 2006 Skypecasting. Bonus: World Cup 2006 Calendar - Flash application fo Podshow PDN {podshow-6a464e81d0216ecd42e0d3950243cdcd}
June 6, 2006
Theme: Calling Rates Are Getting Flat Skype World Calling Rates. Plans from Vonage, Cablevision, Lingo. 
Can hackers attack you? 
News: Mac Universal Binary Released. Dell pre-installs Skype. Add and Podshow PDN {podshow-6a464e81d0216ecd42e0d3950243cdcd}
May 28, 2006
Theme: Skype 2.0 Windows - Options Review Options: Hide Contacts (and phones). Default double-click action. Away status timer. Sounds and Ring tones. Call forwarding. Send message callto: Other fea Podshow PDN {podshow-6a464e81d0216ecd42e0d3950243cdcd}
May 24, 2006
Theme: Skype Beta Half News: Skype 2.5 Features. SMS. Shared Groups. Easier SkypeOut calls and dialing. Outlook integration. Video is not limited to XP Only. Call Quality Monitor. Improved Conference Podshow PDN {podshow-6a464e81d0216ecd42e0d3950243cdcd}
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