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April 4, 2016
Johann and I talk changing careers, getting shit done and how terrible the concept of commuting is to people's lives. Yeah I'm moving the podcast to fortnightly for a while as I've got a lot of shit on. Absence makes the heart grow
March 21, 2016
Kurt and I talk about travelling, working remotely, the four hour workweek and keeping sane.THIS IS THE PODCAST TO LISTEN TO IF YOU ONLY LISTEN TO ONE THIS YEAR! Also, sorry about the quality, Kurt was in Thailand  
March 15, 2016
Eddie and I talk about gourmet peanut butter, amicable splits, macros and how hard it is to produce a food product!    
March 6, 2016
Danni and I talk about fitness, diet and launching a tech startup when you don't know anything about tech!   Show Notes:
Feb. 28, 2016
This episode is all about making mistakes, learning from mistakes, recovering and how to lose millions in a few weeks.  
Feb. 21, 2016
Oh Shit! Ben Blakesley, my business partner is actually real! We had a whole bunch of margaritas and started talking working remotely, giving up control, uber and documentaries. With bonus shout outs to Eddie Huang and Casey Neistat. The best part of this podcast is when ben completely forgets what he's talking about. Absolute Gold. Show Notes:
Feb. 14, 2016
Harry Sanders, fresh faced pup and owner of Studio Hawk talks about paying for quality, privacy and hustling while still at school.   Show Notes:
Jan. 31, 2016
Belinda Coker, owner of Bellouco Consulting is an expert in manufacturing and importing from China. We discuss how to navigate this minefield to make sure you don't get hustled. Show
Jan. 24, 2016
Ryan Shearer, businessman, hustler and all round great guy discusses doing deals, negotiating and teaching infants to invest. Soz about the audio quality. Got a better mic and setup over xmas so they should sound less like we're sitting in a train.   Show
Jan. 16, 2016
Well we made it to Jaisalmer with only one more breakdown, beers on the road and a very broken rickshaw!