FAST Insights Podcast Series

FAST Insights Podcast Series
By Fast Search
About this podcast
Hadley Reynolds, Director of FAST's Knowledge Center talks with thought leaders about emerging search technology and how that technology is changing the way entire industries do business. Real world use cases bring the technology to life to demonstrate how your company can benefit.
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Nov. 27, 2007
Zia Zaman, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing at FAST explains how financial services companies can benefit from search by offering their customers tailored products. Search also allows knowledge workers within these financial firms to have access to timely and accurate information to aid decision making and productivity.
Aug. 27, 2007
Join Hadley Reynolds, Director of FAST’s Knowledge Center and Sandeep Swatia, Sr. Director of Strategic Markets at FAST as they discuss how search technology can overcome the challenges the media and entertainment industry is facing by creating new revenue streams and connecting relevant information to users.