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Tim Robertson and David Cohen host TechFan, a MyMac Podcasting Network produced weekly show with a focus on all things Technology. From iPads to XBox, Google to Marvel, Apple to WikiPedia, we cover our favorite subjects with some of the best guests in the tech world.
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April 13, 2018
Tim and David discuss the Steam Spy news, FTC telling companies that third party repairs do not void warranties, Mark on Capital Hill, suggestion for Apple, and Lenovo news and Wikitrolling! Sponsored by
April 6, 2018
Are women more intelligent than men? Tim and David debate it, plus the history of the ATM, Dell XPS 15 vs MacBook Pro, Apple Watch and a court case, and information on the MacPro. Sponsored by
March 30, 2018
Apple makes another pitch to education and comes across looking out of touch. Facebook woes continue. On the positive, Tim and David look at Pac-Man as part of our WikiTrolling segment, and that devolves into Tim buying a Mayflash F100 fighting stick and a Sanwa arcade joystick for his RetroPie. Sponsored by
March 23, 2018
Is there something rotten at Amazon? There seems to be at IBM, and perhaps Huawei as well. But all is not lost, Clippy is here to brighten your day! Sponsored by
March 16, 2018
Tim finally gets a SNES Classic, David hacks the PS Vita, currency miners trash, and the IBM PCjr. Sponsored by
March 9, 2018
Tons of feedback this week, plus Tim visits and Apple Store, David bogs down in corporate tech, and government fines for social media sites? Pioneer Corporation is out Wikipedia segment this week! Sponsored by
March 2, 2018
Tim and David can’t make it happen this week, so we reach back into the vault of content and pull out Geekiest Show Ever 6 - Star Wars. On this episodes Tim, David, Chad Perry, Guy Serle, and Neale monks discuss Star Wars in May 2009. Is this conversation still relevant? You decide. Sponsored by
Feb. 25, 2018
Are cell phones boring now? Tim and David argue on opposite sides of this subject, as well as Android Wear, YouTube, HomePods, and the Intellivision. Sponsored by
Feb. 16, 2018
Tim is off slaving away at work, so David is joined this week by the fabulous Owen Rubin. Toyota’s design direction, a hatchet job on the Internet of Things and the perils of software subscription are all dissected, debated and decided! Sponsored by
Feb. 9, 2018
David finally gets his iPhone 8Plus, and while he loves the phone, he is very unhappy with the Apple Business Team. Meanwhile, SpaceX launched the Falcon Heavy Rocket, and WikiTrolling goes all in with the revolutionary Amazon Kindle. Sponsored by

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