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June 20, 2016
Bell Techlogix President, Anthony D’Ambrosi, and Jack Mansfield, VP of End User and Infrastructure Services discuss trends around the entire retail industry. Retailers that have multiple sides, multiple presence in both the physical store space as well as e-retailers that are selling and providing products and services in cyberspace have a certain set of business process needs. We talk about the combination of technology automation and physical presence with the right analytics, retailers can really create an incredible solution that empowers the business.
June 7, 2016
We are discussing an incredibly relevant topic in the world of IT services, dare we say in the world of business, Cyber Security. The whole notion of securing one's intellectual property, data, physical and logical assets, and in today's world of cyber threat, data breaches, and quite frankly, very public horror stories about global corporations being penetrated, whether it be from within or globally. Cyber Security has become one of the most relevant and hot topics in our world of managed IT services. Listen to Anthony D'Ambrosi, President of Bell Techlogix and Agostino Pintus, Chief Innovation Office of Bell Techlogix discuss the challenging issue of Cyber Threat and Cyber Security. 
May 27, 2016
At Bell Techlogix, our delivery model is based on heartland labor arbitrage, which focuses on tools, labor and facilities based in the United States. Within this domestic service delivery model, we leverage geographic areas of the country where the total cost of doing business is lower, yet the quality of service matches or exceeds what a client might experience with an offshore delivery model. We also leverage our highly integrated software platforms to make our people more efficient and more effective. In other words, heartland labor arbitrage delivers services originating from the United States at a very high level of quality combined with a total cost of ownership that’s competitive.  

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