Rituals of the Rich and Famous

Rituals of the Rich and Famous
By Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood
About this podcast
Discover incredible rituals, powerful mindsets, and real-world, actionable advice including:

* Exclusive access to private, never-before-revealed rituals from some of the world’s most successful people on how to achieve peak performance, maintain calm in the midst of high pressure, and create balance in a very busy life

* Vitality-based rituals for working with your body's energy and adding more infectious vibrancy and positivity to your days

* Starting down the path towards deeper meaning, a higher purpose, and a stronger connection with your own mind, body and spirit

* Improving your relationship with money, sharpen your ability to attract wealth, make the right investments, and have the resources, freedom and confidence to pamper your loved ones

* Rituals for managing your time by creating set routines for your daily activities - you have specific times for specific activities and effortlessly transition when appropriate

* Rituals for managing your thinking so you stay focused on the things that will move you forward, rather than on the things that can drag you down.

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Latest episodes
Sept. 29, 2014
Our first episode features the world-renowned investor and #1 NY Times Bestselling Author Phil Town. Phil is a longtime ritual practitioner and has applied ritual with great success to the process of creating wealth. He’ll teach you the basics of using ritual to secure your financial future including: Understand the counterintuitive principle of focusing on not losing money (i.e., playing it safe) actually yields the highest returns Experience the 3-Circle exercise and use it to help you find companies that match your values and passions and could double your money in just 2 to 3 years Learn 3 simple-yet-powerful strategies that when used together create 20% cash on cash dividend returns on blue chip stocks and make your portfolio outpace inflation forever Understanding and applying just one or two of Phil’s “golden nuggets” on smart investing can really impact the long-term financial security of you and your loved ones. The post RRF 002: Dollars and Sense – How to Use Rituals to Invest Wisely, Create Wealth, and Secure Your Financial Future appeared first on The Hidden Riches.
Sept. 29, 2014
Everyone has superpowers—whether it’s a mind like a steel trap, a heart with the power to transform lives, the ability to get to the essence of the matter in just a few moments —you have superpowers that can be unleashed by practicing rituals. Many people think rituals are either religious practices or superstitions, yet they’re the ‘secret weapon’ of the world’s most successful people. Wouldn’t you like to harness your own superpowers to create the life of your dreams by serving others in an effortless state of flow? The post RRF 001: Welcome to Rituals of the Rich and Famous! appeared first on The Hidden Riches.