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A podcast in search of what it takes to be undeniably great. When you're good then you will get good results, but if you want great results in life and business, it takes those 2 millimeters more to be undeniably great. We'll take a look at what some have done to achieve their success and how you can use their strategies and tools to speed up the process.
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Jan. 20, 2017
What would you do if you were living a life of luxury and then one day you found out that your husband was not who he said he was, you lost all your money, you had to start all over, and then your brother dies. If you're like Jen Zoe Hall, you'd pick yourself up and go on a healing journey of personal development and then start the Zenerjen foundation that helps veterans, foster children, and victims of abuse, and private clients heal through the power of horses.  In this episode... Learn how horses can help heal you. What to do when the voices of doubt and insecurity creep in.  How to break through your upper limit problem. Some links Zenerjen: The Go Fund Me page:   Subscribe on iTunes   questions and comments [email protected]   Show Notes   2:50 What is it that she does?         - she changes lives, she creates breakthroughs through the spirit of the horse.   5:25 The type of breakthroughs you could have at Zenerjen   7:43 How a mother and a 17 year son connected   8:31 How are people able to connect through the horses   12:15 How you can get in touch with nature at home.   15:02 What to do when our brain begins to doubt and insecurity creeps in.   20:45 We all have upper limits and how to break through them   24:35 You can not turn the radio off, but you can turn it down.   26:25 The horses at Zenerjen   30:15 In times of trouble, you go with what you know   32:35 Your daughter doesn’t have ADHD   41:00 Her story   46:29 The time when Tony Robbins called her a harry man in a mini skirt   46:50 Her brother’s passing inspires her to launch the Zenerjen foundation   52:02 The new Zenerjen facility and the hurdle she faced to find it.   55:00 How she handled getting kicked out of her old property   57:25 What is success for her.  
Jan. 3, 2017
Chip Franks is a man on a mission to help the many. He recently teamed up with Joe Polish of the Genius Network to create an app called Joe Volunteer where people can sign up to do volunteer work. After successfully raising $50,000 through a go fund me page, Chip developed the app and is currently live in Austin. Chip has been in the real estate business for 20 years with the company he started, the Real Estate MarketPlace. Currently he is in the midst of writing a book called the Daddy Advice Book. A father of 3, he wanted to share his wisdom with them, but the book is really for everyone with pieces of advice. If you only have a few minutes I recommend listening at 8:30 were he shares with us why he doesn’t allow his kids to never use the words “I can’t”. I am really excited to share with you this podcast as Chip is a kind soul spreading the idea of kindness around the world. He has been a great inspiration in my life.                                                    Show Notes 1:02 His Facebook about section we’re all created as a spectacular creation of God 3:43 How to self love and manifesto             - Loving yourself is the most selfless thing you can do 7:58 The reason he is writing the Daddy Advice Book 8:33 Why he doesn’t allow his kids to use the words “I can’t” 10:15 Surprise guest 13:20 Who the Daddy Advice Book is really for 14:18 How he used James Altucher’s Idea list to change his life 17:27 How to find your magic spot?             - What did you want to do as a kid?             - What would you do if you had a billion dollars in the bank? 21:23 "Motivation is like taking a shower, you need to have it daily” Zig Ziglar             It doesn’t stick unless it made it in your schedule.  22:36  How he overcame depression. 28:50 What is Joe Volunteer and how it’s changing the world. 35:00 Why making money is part of Joe Volunteer’s mission. 36:40 Top pieces of advice from the Daddy Advice Book         - Actively appreciate         - Live your life in gratitude vs. entitlement         - Create your own reality distortion field         - How to be kind.         - Fundamentals vs. Hobo Shack 40:24 Find the book on Amazon beginning in February.    42:30 What he set a new standard in   43:47 HIs ask to you. 44:00 Facebook      
Dec. 15, 2016
Did you know that you already have a fitness philosophy. You may have learned it from your parents or picked it up during your college years. Your fitness philosophy will determine your fitness and if you've been struggling for years to make a change in your health or missed making your fitness goals, the in Adam Bricker's program would be retrieve it, meaning to figure out what it is. Then you can deliberately implement a new philosophy and Believe that you can achieve. And then you achieve your goals.  Adam Bricker is a fitness philosopher that can help you make the changes in your life necessary to achieve your goals.  This podcast is loaded with tools and strategies to set new standards in your own fitness, whether you're looking to lose 20 lbs or want to build muscle.    Show Notes - What he does when someone comes to him to ask if they want to lose 20 lbs - His fitness philosophy  - How he coaches people follow through with their commitment - Helps people realize that they already have a fitness philosophy - Great trick to have a to go box already from a big plate - How he completed a 50 to 50 challenge and how he got in the best shape in his life.  - His 50 2 50 video - What his program does for you up front. - He lets people be deliberate in what people want.  - What brought him to the fitness career and how he got there.  - His thoughts on setting specific goals. - How he uses Think & Grow Rich into his clients fitness philosophy.  - Instead of counting reps, he does incantations.  - Muhammad Ali method “Once it gets hard, he does 3 more” - Incantations are beliefs that you deliberately want to have.  - His thoughts on taking responsibility of your life, “You don’t blame anybody else” Once you own your beliefs you can change it.  - Tools and Strategies to voices in your head that tell you not to work out.  - Become a friend to that voice, meditation, 3x5 card and write down all the reasons you can’t come you become in touch with them and getting rid of them.  - His morning routine.  - He catches me on limiting philosophy about my daughter and working out and how he would help me change it.  - Broccoli is not Broccoli is not Broccoli, what he found out about nutrients you’re getting between organic and mass produced.  - Spaghetti squash - fast freezes his food after making a large portion.  - How he has raised his standards. - His ask to you? - Retrieve, Believe, and Achieve    Links to Adam   facebook - Website -   Subscribe on iTunes   questions and comments [email protected]  
Dec. 2, 2016
To set you up for success this Friday I've covered 3 strategies that you can use when it comes to dealing with people and yourself in an empowering way. 1. What if everything that people said to us was a compliment? 2. When you start to hear that judgement voice in your head, ask yourself "What can I learn from this person?" 3. The 3 wins ritual.    Book your Complimentary Strategy Session Here   Want a chance to win coaching for a year, Click Here.   questions and comments [email protected]
Nov. 29, 2016
"Repetition of affirmation of orders to your subconscious mind is the only known method of voluntary development of the emotion of faith."  - Napolean Hill, Thing & Grow Rich The definite major purpose statement is a tool that has been used by Tony Robbins, Bruce Lee, Lana Del Ray, and Brian Tracy and many more achieve their success. It's affirmations for success that you repeat out loud throughout the day that include your goals, the tasks to accomplish them, and your rewards. The DMPS has a powerful effect on your subconscious and pulls you towards your goals.  Paris Ryan, this episodes guest has an incredible turn around story from a tough upbringing, to a divine intervention that changed the path of his life forever. Going from labor ready and Dunkin Donuts to owning a diabetics supply company were he has managed to triple his business twice in eight months. I met Paris at Tony Robbins Life & Wealth Mastery event were he was wearing a Platinum Partner band. If you're not familiar with Tony's events, Platinum Partnership is the highest level membership were you get to go to all the live events, receive all the products, and a platinum trip were Tony and his wife are the facilitators. The membership deposit starts at $15,000. I say this not to impress you but inspire you about what is possible. Paris went from working minimum wage to becoming a Platinum Partner. In our interview, Paris shares with us his rough and tough beginnings to how he used the Definite Major Purpose Statement to change his life around.
Nov. 22, 2016
Being an achiever, you've probably demanded a lot from yourself. Which is great and that's why you're at where you are. Sometimes it's pleasant to love yourself for whatever reason, just because you are who you are, just because you were born in this world. Go ahead, Love On Yourself.    Book your Complimentary Strategy Session Here   Want a chance to win coaching for a year, Click Here.   questions and comments [email protected]
Nov. 18, 2016
Have you ever found yourself feeling resentment because you didn't get something in return from your gift. If so, then it's time to take a deeper look at why you gave in the first place. The gift of giving lies in not having any expectations of getting something in return. It is the art of giving. 
Nov. 15, 2016
There are times in your life that we just need to take a leap of faith and go for something even thought the how may not be there for us yet.  When we have faith the divine spirit will lead us to our desired path and life happens for us.    Click on one of the links below if you're ready to invest in yourself and hire me as your coach and benefit from me. Save lots of money with the FIJI Special. or  Some other options here where you can save big    questions and comments [email protected]
Nov. 14, 2016
Sometimes in life we fall off from our routines or what we were doing.  That's ok, things will happen, the important thing is to recognize what is working and what is not working and get back on your path.    Book your Complimentary Strategy Session Here   Want a chance to win coaching for a year, Click Here.   questions and comments [email protected]
Nov. 9, 2016
Today you get to cast a vote... a vote for yourself.. where you get to decide what happens in your life... Step Up, Set A New Standard   Do you want to win a year of life coaching, then go here to enter or copy and paste   have an outstanding day   comments and question [email protected]
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