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A podcast in search of what it takes to be undeniably great. When you're good then you will get good results, but if you want great results in life and business, it takes those 2 millimeters more to be undeniably great. We'll take a look at what some have done to achieve their success and how you can use their strategies and tools to speed up the process.
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since Jun, 2016


Ep. 39 - The Zenerjen Foundation - Healing Through Horses

What would you do if you were living a life of luxury and then one day you found out that your husband was not who he said he was, you lost all your money, you had to start all over, and then your brother dies. If you're like Jen Zoe Hall, you'd pick yourself up and go on a healing journey of personal development and then start the Zenerjen foundation that helps veterans, foster children, and victims of abuse, and private clients heal through the power of horses.  In this episode... Learn how horses can help heal you. What to do when the voices of doubt and insecurity creep in.  How to break through your upper limit problem. Some links Zenerjen: The Go Fund Me page:   Subscribe on iTunes   questions and comments [email protected]   Show Notes   2:50 What is it that she does?         - she changes lives, she creates breakthroughs through the spirit of the horse.   5:25 The type of breakthroughs you could have at Zenerjen   7:43 How a mother and a 17 year son connected   8:31 How are people able to connect through the horses   12:15 How you can get in touch with nature at home.   15:02 What to do when our brain begins to doubt and insecurity creeps in.   20:45 We all have upper limits and how to break through them   24:35 You can not turn the radio off, but you can turn it down.   26:25 The horses at Zenerjen   30:15 In times of trouble, you go with what you know   32:35 Your daughter doesn’t have ADHD   41:00 Her story   46:29 The time when Tony Robbins called her a harry man in a mini skirt   46:50 Her brother’s passing inspires her to launch the Zenerjen foundation   52:02 The new Zenerjen facility and the hurdle she faced to find it.   55:00 How she handled getting kicked out of her old property   57:25 What is success for her.  
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