Software Secrets

By Garrett Pierson, Scott Brandley and Lindsay Halling

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Listen as software mavericks, Garrett Pierson and Scott Brandley, share how they've built a software empire and what they've learned along the way. Also, learn about their latest project, Software Funnels. Lindsay Halling, their newest hire, will also share her journey as she learns directly from Garrett and Scott as they mentor her to build this new company from the ground up.
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June 29, 2017
We are excited to say we have officially launched the beta testing phase for Software Funnels! We promised we would let our podcast listeners have the opportunity to be apart of this beta launch, so here is your limited chance. Listen to this episode to hear all the details, but act fast, this will only be available until July 3rd! Come midnight it will be gone. The link you will need for this opportunity is below:
June 9, 2017
Garret Pierson, Scott Brandley, and Lindsay Halling review some of the most critical steps to building software in this episode. It's easy to think that mind mapping, mocking up and wireframing software is all the same. We take the time to talk about why each one is different and why each one is important in this episode. Also, be sure to listen for the latest update on Software Funnels!
May 25, 2017
In this episode, after a quick Software Funnels update, The Software Secrets Team back tracks just a little bit to talk once more about the last step of the "getting started" checklist steps from the Software Secrets book. As we talk about Step #12, Build Your Opt-In Page, we talk about how easy this is by using Click Funnels. Be sure to listen for lots of quick tips and strategies for building your software empire!
May 12, 2017
In this episode we share some feedback from a few member's of our "Alpha Test." We have been helping them build their own software and wanted to share some feedback one of them sent us today. The feedback we received was a great segue into why patience and self discipline are so important when building software. At times it's even hard for us to stay patient during the building process and we've done this many times with various businesses. The concepts in this episode are all apart of our process and are essential to building software fast and efficiently. Be sure to subscribe to our podcast and automatically receive updates on each episode release. Thanks for listening!
May 5, 2017
Listen to find out if Garrett, Scott and Lindsay hit their goal launch date for launching Software Funnels. They have been working hard with their programming team to hit their dates. They have also been working hard developing the Software Secrets Training Program, where YOU can get direct access to them and their team as they help you build your software.
March 31, 2017
We are shaking it up a little bit with the Software Secrets podcast in this episode. Listen to find out why and also be sure to listen for the exciting news we share with you!
March 24, 2017
Garrett Pierson, Scott Brandley and Lindsay Halling talk about effective time management in today's podcast episode. After a quick Software Funnels update, they share what they've learned about how to work smarter not harder over the years.
March 17, 2017
In this episode, the Software Secrets Team dives into the software metric, Churn. Listen to this episode to find out what churn is, how it affects your business, and when you should start paying attention to it. Garrett and Scott share some of their experiences about churn within their other companies. Be sure to listen and leave us a review.
March 10, 2017
The Software Secrets team is heads down working hard to develop Software Funnels and hit their launch date. In this episode, after our Software Funnels update, we dive into the topic of pricing your software product. We talk about when you should start thinking about pricing, how you should come up with your pricing structure and we share our thoughts on increasing your pricing. Be sure to listen to this episode; we know you will takeaway something from this episode that will help you with your software idea. Next week we will jump into what to do when customers cancel and focus our podcast on Churn Rates.
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