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Dec. 14, 2012
FL Studio Tips Podcast part 2 This week on the FL Beatmakers Podcast we cover part 2 of our FL Studio Tips List. We cover another large group of tips on this weeks show and we are even updating the list with more tips we released on the show. Also mentioned in this episode How to Sell Beats free eBook!
Dec. 1, 2012
FL Beat Makers Podcast Episode 4 – FL STudio Tips Part 1 Help us out by tweeting #flbeatmakers This weeks episode of the FL Beatmakers is all about some of our favorite FL Studio tips. Over the last couple weeks we have begun putting together a list of some of our favorite FL Studio tips with the idea of creating the ultimate list of FL Studio tips. Well we are proud to announce that this list has been released here and on this weeks show we cover roughly half of those tips. One thing to note is that this is going to be an ever-growing list that we plan to update possibly weekly or monthly with new FL Studio tips and tricks. Next week will be a part two of the FL Studio tips podcast. This episode was a lot of fun and very exciting because we got to talk about some of our favorite FL Studio tips and tricks. Make sure if you haven't already get your free copy of our eBook on How to Sell Beats.
Nov. 25, 2012
FL Beat Makers Podcast Episode 3 - producer interview 1 Help us out by tweeting #flbeatmakers This week serves as an important week for the FL beat makers as we have our first interview. To give you the backstory on this, earlier in the week on Twitter I posted that I was looking for producers to do an interview on the show. Within a couple of minutes I had already received a few responses. One of them I thought was hilarious. The response said “do you have to be famous?” I love this response because it truly made me realize what FL beat tutorials and FL beat makers is all about. Our website and this show is all about learning and growing together as producers and individuals in this industry. We as producers have all experienced something different and each of us may have advice or tips based on our experience. Not all of us are famous and not all of us have placements with major artists but all of us do have an experience as a producer that we can share to help others whether its good or bad. Now I cannot lie to you and tell you that I wasn't nervous about this interview because I truly did not know what to expect, especially with it being our first interview and it being with a beginner producer. Before the interview I asked a few questions and it actually made me pretty worried about the interview when he told me that he'd only been producing since May. Although, as we started to do the interview I quickly realized how even a beginner or someone new to producing has something to offer to each and everyone of us. They may provide something that you remember you did early on starting out and it can be humbling to see how you've grown. Or maybe they experience something completely different that you never experienced and you can take advantage of that from what they said. Well I think this interview will accomplish exactly that. I was pretty surprised the way it turned out as Darrien was a pretty smart guy and knew his stuff pretty well for a beginner I must say. For someone who had only been producing music since about May I think he has a bright future and may have success with hard work and dedication. Not only that but I appreciate his boldness and willingness to put himself out there even though he's a beginner. That type of attitude will help him in the long run to get somewhere. Being able to put yourself out there is scary as a beginner although it can have a great value as you will learn a lot. Putting yourself out there and letting others hear your music, rate your music, and judge your music are all learning experiences that we can all benefit from. The fact that Darrien was willing to put himself out there on the show says a lot about his character and what the future may hold for him. So Darrien definitely thank you for taking the time to do this interview and willingness to put yourself out there. And if you're a producer out there or someone in this industry that has something to offer that others can benefit from whether it be FL Studio, beatmaking, or selling beats get in contact with us and we would be more than happy to have you on the show and share your experiences and all learn something new.
Nov. 17, 2012
FL Beat Makers Podcast Episode 2 - How to prepare a beat to sell So today I want to talk about how to render the highest quality files out of FL Studio when selling a beat or providing a beat to a client. Help us out by tweeting #flbeatmakers So today we are going to talk about the following: Mastering a beat leaving headroom for vocals beat tags FL Studio rendering settings  WAV and mp3 tracking out a beat organizing your files and tracks Quick talk about a beat store setup Resources for this episode of the FL Beat Makers Podcast. Should you master a beat How to render a song with high quality in FL Studio How to track out a beat in FL Studio How to create a beat store
Nov. 9, 2012
FL Beat Makers Podcast episode 1 - making a beat in FL Studio To kick of the first episode of the FL Beat makers podcast we want to cover the process of making a beat in FL Studio. In this show we cover all the steps in the beat creation process and how to do it in FL Studio. With this being the first episode we also introduce the show and let you know what the FL Beat Makers Podcast is all about. Help us make this a great thing by providing feedback. Email us at [email protected] Information from this episode: How to make a beat in FL Studio FL Beat Makers Podcast
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