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POSSIBLY UNSAFE is a hands-on adventure in DIY hosted by Patrick Norton and Michael Hand. Whether it’s experimenting with bacon in the kitchen, building an amazing gaming PC, or hacking brains with Arduinos- Possibly Unsafe is ready to help viewers get end results while not necessarily following the proper protocols.
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July 27, 2015
Possibly Unsafe is back with a speaker upgrade! Turns out capacitor performance degrades over time… and as ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) goes up, the highs go away. So this week we’re replacing the capacitors on a pair of vintage Klipsch speakers to restore the sound back to the original spec. It’s easy… and there’s a … Continue reading Replacing Vintage Speaker Capacitors
April 3, 2015
This week, we pull out all the Scovilles. We attempt to make our favorite rooster sauce, but with next level heat! The recipe: http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Habanero-Sriracha-Sauce/ Download the episode here! Help support us on Patreon! http://patreon.com/possiblyunsafe Don’t want to give us money? No problem! There are tons of other ways to help. Share an episode with friends, send … Continue reading Homemade Habanero Sriracha Sauce
March 17, 2015
Forget the Steam Link by Valve or NVIDIA Shield to stream your PC games! With a little bit of setup you can get GameStream working on a Raspberry Pi today! Setup: You will first need to install the latest Rasbian from here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/ Next download Limelight Embedded. Grab the latest limelight.jar and libopus.so from here: … Continue reading Streaming PC Games to the Raspberry Pi