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Git Vulnerability with Edward Thomson

Git is a distributed file system for version control. Git is extremely reliable, fast, and secure, owing to the fact that it is one of the oldest pieces of open source software. But even battle-tested software can have vulnerabilities. In this episode, we explore a subtle git vulnerability that could have potentially led to git users executing malicious scripts when they intended to simply pull a repository. Today’s guest Edward Thomson is a program manager at Microsoft, and a maintainer of libgit2, a C implementation of git. He also writes about git and hosts the podcast All Things Git. He is passionate about git development, which gave me a deeper perspective on something that I just consider a tool. But the only reason that tool is so good–the only reason it fades into the background–is because there are people that are passionate enough to work on it on a regular basis. We also spent some time talking about the vulnerabilities that can spread through shared code environments–particularly in the realm of git, npm, and PHP. And we touched on how deployment workflows around git and Kubernetes are changing. Full disclosure: Microsoft, where Edward works, is a sponsor of Software Engineering Daily. The post Git Vulnerability with Edward Thomson appeared first on Software Engineering Daily.
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