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Preston's Corner Podcast
By Preston Miller
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The show that's all about internet marketing. Join online marketing expert Preston Miller as he talks about the latest internet marketing techniques.
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Latest episodes
Aug. 6, 2016
Preston talks with Canadian entrepreneur and founder Christopher Gimmer about entrepreneurship, software development, and how he built Snappa into a massive SAAS company with over 1,000 users.
March 16, 2016
In Episode 3 of the Preston's Corner podcast I speak with Kindle Expert Dave Chesson who tells us how to self publish and sell more books on the Amazon Kindle platform.
Feb. 13, 2016
This week I speak with Youtube expert Aaaron Marino who has over 1 million subscribers.
Aug. 19, 2015
Today on the 1st episode of the Preston's Corner show I have an exciting guest on the show. I am interviewing Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation about being an entrepreneur, Fiverr, Amazon Kindle and Amazon FBA. Below are some show notes from the things we talk about in the show. I hope you enjoy the interview!