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Imaging expert and award-winning author Deke McClelland presents his list of the top 40 features in Photoshop. Some are tools, others are commands, still others are conceptual. All are invaluable. Learn this 40 feature and you'll know Photoshop.
Special bonus content: Deke's Photoshop CS5 Top 5, which covers the best new features in Photoshop CS5 in just five easy-to-watch videos!
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April 30, 2010
In today's installment of Photoshop CS5 Top 5, Deke demonstrates Photoshop's bristle brushes, which simulate traditional paint brushes—the kind your local art-supply store sells—and its new Mixer brush, which lets you give a photo a painterly look. Along the way, Deke passes along a tip for customizing Photoshop's interface—one of those little chores that can save so much time, but that so few of us do.
April 29, 2010
In this installment of Photoshop CS5 Top 5, Deke McClelland explores a feature he calls fun to use, funny to watch, and extremely powerful. Take a fifteen-minute tour of the Puppet Warp feature, then head over to check out all of our Adobe CS5 training to explore new courses and tutorials covering Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Flash, Premiere, and more.
April 28, 2010
Refining selections and creating masks are unglamorous but utterly essential Photoshop techniques—you've got to master both in order to perform tricky compositing tasks, such as extracting a person from an image and then adding a different background.
April 27, 2010
Whether you want to be subtle or brash, the greatly improved HDR features in Photoshop CS5 are worth a close look. They're the subject of today's Photoshop CS5 Top 5 movie. Watch as Deke McClelland walks you through Photoshop CS5's HDR toning and HDR Pro features.
April 26, 2010
In this first episode of Photoshop CS5 Top 5 on, Deke McClelland introduces us to the common sense enhancements, tweaks, and fixes in latest version of Adobe Photoshop. Learn about the new Straighten button, the Content Aware Fill tool, and more.
April 11, 2010
Virtually every Photoshop project starts with Open (how often do you choose New?) and ends with Save. And unlike other apps, Photoshop treats all image formats as native. Open and Save are the alpha and omega of imaging.
April 6, 2010
Home to at least eight of the features Deke has mentioned so far in the Photoshop Top 40 Countdown, the Layers palette is command central—the place where most of the action in Photoshop happens. Were it not for this one palette, Photoshop as we know it would not exist.
March 30, 2010
The essential Image Size command lets you scale an image on screen or in print. Here's your chance to understand resampling and resolution, both of which affect the core quality of your digital photographs.
March 23, 2010
Photoshop lets you modify your view of an image using a variety of tools, commands, and options. But you don’t need a single one of them. Learn a few shortcuts and you’ll be working at maximum efficiency in no time.
March 16, 2010
Photoshop doesn’t sharpen focus, it sharpens detail. Using any of three remarkable filters, Unsharp Mask, Smart Sharpen, and High Pass. Apply them as smart filters, and you’re ready for any output scenario.
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