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Copyblogger FM is a weekly, short-form broadcast hosted by Sonia Simone. Each week, she and a cast of rotating experts analyze the week in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, mindset, and much more.
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The Quiet Power of Conversational Copy

A lot of us feel a tension between effective copywriting and content that fully respects our audiences. “Conversational Copywriter” Nick Usborne joins us to talk about why that’s a false choice. Rainmaker.FM is Brought to You By Discover why 201,344 website owners trust StudioPress, the industry standard for premium WordPress themes and plugins. Launch your new site today! Nick Usborne is an unusual writer. He has many years of direct response experience, but he talks more like a “content guy.” He’s here to talk about why we don’t have to choose between audience relationship and business results. In this 27-minute episode, Nick and I talk about: Why Nick was in some ways a “reluctant copywriter” How a less-pushy approach works with the fundamentals of direct response like strong calls to action or using urgency in your message How this kind of copy works for B2B marketing Tackling the question of whether or not this kind of copy “works” as well as the hard-hitting stuff The approach that some “copy sharks” take that Nick never will, and why Listen to Copyblogger FM below ... Download MP3 Subscribe by RSS Subscribe in iTunes The Show Notes If you’re ready to see for yourself why more than 201,344 website owners trust StudioPress — the industry standard for premium WordPress themes and plugins — swing by for all the details Nick’s manifesto is a great place to learn more about his point of view: The Conversational Copywriter s Manifesto My post on Remarkable Communication: Do You Have to Be a Soulless Shitweasel to be a Good Salesperson? (spoiler: No) Check out Nick’s approach in his post for us on How to Fix 5 Conversion-Killing Copy Mistakes Feel free to say hi or ask a question over on LinkedIn @soniasimone — or I always enjoy hearing from you right here in the comments
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