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On the Mind Matters podcast, Discovery Institute’s Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence considers the implications and misconceptions, the opportunities and limitations, and the applications and challenges presented by intelligent agents and their algorithms.
United States
9 episodes
since Jun, 2018


No Thanks, Google, I’ve Got This!

Host Robert J. Marks introduces the breadth of issues that will be covered on the Mind Matters podcast, from job displacement to human flourishing in a world increasingly run by our algorithms. In brief, Mind Matters will bring natural and artificial intelligence head to head in the areas of research, application and education. https://mindmatters.today/podcast-player/20/ep001.mp3 Show Notes 00:50 | The mission of Mind Matters 01:30 | Learning to filter out the hype about AI on the internet 02:00 | What will computers never do, or chess versus kickboxing 03:35 | Defining consciousness and other terms 04:18 | The most testable distinction between AI and natural intelligence 05:00 | Human flourishing in a world increasingly using AI 06:40 | Walter Bradley and Dignity Coconuts 07:19 | The crucial role of spiritual and ethical considerations  
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