Complete WordPress Guide for Business

Complete WordPress Guide for Business
By Frandimore
About this podcast
Frandimore is a website design company in Lagos, Nigeria with dedicated staff that work as a team and sharing creative ideas that help propel our clients' business growth.
Building website for your business is just a step towards creating online presences for your brand while connecting your products and services with potential customers that are online.
Making the site add noticeable value to your bottom line requires constant content update and effective maintenance. That is when it would be able to pull targeted audience to your business.
In view of this, we shall be creating podcast and content on regular basis that would help you achieve this target purpose. The tutorials would make you know what you need to do, how to do them and the expected result you'll get.
You may check our list of content on our blog @ The content is aimed at making your website deliver on the primary purpose for which it was created, which is to capture lead.
You may send us your feedback or request our assistance in any way we can help on your website.

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June 18, 2016
BLOW MA MIND BY EMEM by Frandimore
Nov. 24, 2015
Do you know that you can further enhance user engagement on your site by allowing your blog readers upload images on your WordPress default comment form? This can heighten interactivity among your readers just as most social media users are addictive to content sharing especially images. For instance, if you’re in the photography, fashion or design industry, there is every tendency you’ll find this tool useful and relevant for collaboration among like-minds that visit your blog. Even journalist in the news publishing niche can use it as a means of getting “on the scene stories” they can publish as either fresh or breaking news. Whichever way you look at it, you’ll discover that implementing image upload within the comment section of your blog can add glamour and a whole lot of functionality to the site.
Sept. 16, 2015
Image can add beauty and glamour to your blog post. Use them wisely to catch readers attention. Don't forget to also use the keyword you're targeting as the image alt tag so as to boost the image exposure on SERP.
Aug. 21, 2015
In my experience with the clients we have worked with and those we are prospecting, it seems most of them just wanted a website that their customer or audience can relate with from their brand perspective. Whether the site is beautiful or usable is not really the subject they want to discuss except for a few. Web presence for their business was their major concern. One might be quick to conclude that they are naive about what a website should look like or should be. Yes, that submission may be correct, but alas! From professional stand point, what they requested for (a website that customer or audience can relate with. That is, a user friendly or usable website; and then, from their business or brand perspective. That is, the design structures & color combination, which is simply aesthetics, has already embedded in it the task to develop a business website that is functional.
Aug. 20, 2015
The installation of plugin on WordPress powered website or blog is important and crucial for effective audience engagement, consistent functionality and smooth running. So, it is important to install it properly like a Pro for optimum site performance. But, we discovered that some site owners especially does that are just getting their hands on WordPress platform do not know how to install plugin let alone taking advantage of it's functionality and troubleshooting. That is why we put up this simple format for easy accessibility and convenience. You may download the eBook (pdf format) on our website @
Aug. 18, 2015
You need a blog post checklist as a guide to create content that can attract more traffic, shareable and can generate backlinks while building authority around your site. Writing blog posts that showcase your expertise within your niche and matching that with the professional design outlook of your website are necessary ingredients, required to gain traction and authority within the blogging community and audience at large. The rate of conversion would inevitably go higher, building loyal customer and audience all the way. That's the beauty of building a website and blog on it, if you ask me. This Podcast will walk you through how to write the content that resonate with your audience through the checklist discussed in this podcast. Happy listening.
Aug. 11, 2015
Automatic direct messages are sent on Twitter as a way to keep tap with necessary updates and conversations which otherwise would be lost or pretty hard to followup. This is the same as setting up an auto-responder on your email account. It's really good for effective communication and customer service relationship where little gap in communication might lead to breach of trust in the event of acquiring and retaining clients.