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A somewhat-weekly podcast that helps designers understand the confusing world of prepress and production. Each podcast will tackle a topic and explain it as only the wild and funny guru of desktop publishing, Sandee Cohen, can do it.
Podcasts based on the book From Design Into Print by Sandee Cohen, published May, 2009.
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June 25, 2009
The Great Resolution Report. A five-part podcast guaranteed to explain everything you ever needed to know about resolution, pixels, downsampling, upsampling, and other pixel puzzles. This podcast was never continued. But the information is still VERY active. Part One: How Big is a Pixel? The answer is not as simple as some people want. Great Resolution Report Part 1
June 17, 2009
You've read her comments! You've seen her posts on the bog! Now you can listen to PJ Cassel, our own in-house printer expert. In this week's podcast, PJ Cassel, a real-life, working print shop employee gives us the inside scoop on how things have changed in the printing industry as well as a real-life nightmare of what happens when good jobs go bad. 11_cassel_pt1
June 10, 2009
Sending your precious file off to the print shop is like sending your child to summer camp. How should you label your file to keep it separate from the others? How can you keep the file size down? And what's the best way to pack the file for the long trip. Sending Files
June 4, 2009
Sandee tries to explain the very basics of trapping on a beginner's level. However, she is constantly interrupted by an unwelcome guest. Hopefully you'll get the message about whether or not you should try trapping yourself. trapping
May 27, 2009
What does dot gain have to do with paper towels? It's pretty clear once you listen to Sandee's explanation of the setting in Photoshop for converting grayscale images. Dot Gain
May 21, 2009
Do you know what Rich Black is? No, he's not your friend from high school. It's the term used for creating a combination of four process colors to create a richer appearance for black areas. Listen as Sandee gives her favorite recipes for flat black, rich black, rich cool black, and rich warm black. And find out her recipe for tuna casserole. Rich Black
May 14, 2009
At the risk of sending the entire room into a fit of the giggles, Sandee tackles the important topic of hickeys in printing. What are hickeys? What causes them? And what should you, as a designer, do about them. Hickeys in print
May 8, 2009
What is linescreen? If you don't know about linescreen, you might think it is one of those geeky computer terms. But linescreen (LPI) has been around far longer than computer graphics. This episode explains what linescreen in all about. And you get the inside scoop on Sandee and Frankie Avalon.
May 1, 2009
So maybe you've heard someone say you need to set the "bleed" for your design. What does that mean? Why do you need to do it? How do you set a bleed? And what design considerations do you have to remember? Also, what's the story of cropping photos that might have to bleed? In this weeks podcast, I'll answer all these "cutting edge" question. Why we bleed
April 23, 2009
Attack of the PostScript Clones Looking for a printing machine? Wondering what the difference is between True Adobe ® PostScript and a PostScript Clone. And what does Obi Wan Kenobi have to do with any of this? The third podcast episode is up and ready for your listening pleasure.

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