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By Donny Eisenbach

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Nov. 5, 2010
Are Smart Meters the way of the future? People are already using Smart Meters in California and all around the world. So what makes a Smart Meter something for you to care about? It will save you money on your Electric Bill. How does it work and what does it do to Electricity Prices? You will have to listen to Luke talk about it on his latest podcast on ElectricRates.com.
Oct. 29, 2010
This is a podcast going over the Texas retail electricity market. We are here to help Texas electricity energy consumers compare and shop for a competive electric company. If you would like to learn more about what we discuss in this podcast please visit us at Electric Rates. Click here to listen
Oct. 29, 2010
Nathan Hague discusses what should be included in an electric bill and if needed, how to go about filing a complaint. For more information check out www.electricrates.com.
Oct. 29, 2010
We explain why long term fixed electricity rates are more expensive than short term fixed electric rates. It isn't that electric companies are trying to penalize you for signing up on a long term rates there is actually some reasoning behind this madness. You can learn more about this topic and more at http://www.electricrates.com
Oct. 28, 2010
This is a brief explanation of what to watch out for when shopping for electricity service and comparing rates in deregulated electric utility areas in the United States. The companies selling electric service in deregulated areas go by several names including, Retail electric companies, retail electric suppliers, electric utility companies, and a few other similar sounding names. Click here to listen Popular deregulated energy markets in the US are Texas, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, Illinois, and New Jersey. You can learn more about the topic in this podcast by visiting http://www.electricrates.com  
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