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Welcome to the Crossroads of Project SAFE, and Technology and Choice podcasts. Safecrossroads covers the technology, applications, ideas and people of SAFE Network, where SAFE stands for Secure Access For Everyone, with the keynote of Privacy, Security and Freedom for all.
Technology and Choice covers almost anything viewed through the lens created by the concepts of technology and choice, taken together.
Your host is John Ferguson, the Simpleton of the Project SAFE, because sometimes it takes a simpleton to ask the right questions. After all, we can't all be geeks.
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March 30, 2018
As promised in the last episode, Chadrick Mahaffey shares his presentation about EOS, the history behind it, the value proposition and why he is bullish on its mass adoption. This is far from an exhaustive and authoritative treatise. It maybe even leaves one with more questions than answers. But it is a good foothold about the EOS platform as it is developing, and why an enterprise developer such as Chadrick could be excited about the possibilities of what should be enabled by it. If you haven't listened to episode #31, about SFEOS, don't miss it. It highlights some of the uses to which Chadrick and others are looking to put EOS to work doing. MUSIC Bumper music: *Rocket Power* by Kevin MacLeod. LINKS EOS main site -- EOS Cafe -- Blocktivity blockchain stats -- SFEOS Steemit channel -- Chadrick's contact email -- [email protected] TC #31, SFEOS -- Game World, Real World, Life, with Chadrick Mahaffey Technology & Choice Subscription page --
March 23, 2018
Chadrick Mahaffey and I introduce you to SFEOS, a project that he originated and is shepherding, that I and others are helping along. SFEOS is a lot of things at once: It's a game that is fun, that engages players in adventure and economics and social organization in the game universe. It's a project that is developed, advanced and governed solely by players with real skin in the game, those who contribute value. It's a distributed autonomous organization/community with an economic system that acts both in the game and outside the game to incentivize and reward all participants. It's a tool to drive to painlessly drive adoption of cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets and integrate them into day-to-day experience. It's a learning tool and testing ground in the realms crypto asset, social and political organization, economics, etc. It's all these and more. Mostly it's designed to be FUN! Want to play? Listen in and see what's afoot. #### Music Bumper music: *Rocket Power* by Kevin MacLeod. #### Links [SFEOS main site]( [SFEOS Steemit channel]( SFEOS email -- [email protected] [TC #6 Chadrick Mahaffey on Crowd Founding Fundamentals]( [TC #25 - Exploring value and Exchange with Adam B. Levine]( [Technology & Choice Subscription page](
March 6, 2018
**NOTE: There is an explosive Easter Egg of revelation in the body of this episode regarding cryptography. It is likely you haven't heard about it before, so keep hands on your bonnet.** "Alternative Energy" as we've known it has been a disaster for the most part. Everybody wants to "be green," do it right, be efficient, be really smart, but billions in government subsidies have mainly resulted in no progress except to line a lot of pockets and increase central control. Professor Jim McCanney is an almost unicorn-level oddity amongst scientists: a truly independent scientist who has funded his own research and never signed non-disclosure agreements or other intellectual chains to any government, corporation or other institution. He's gone his own way and applied his genius where he thought it was needed. Scientists and their institutions either love him or hate him. He's made many discoveries that contradict "main stream" scientists. You'll have to judge for yourself whether he connects with truth or not. Just remember to use objective rather than authoritarian standards in your analysis. Prof. McCanney's Wing Generator and Water Project is a monumental effort to break the chains of centralized control of power and water, and give choice back to individuals and smaller groups. Real science and independent action are the road. Government subsidies? Not so much. How about cheap, plentiful power that is available almost anywhere? Can real science do that? Can WE do that? Might Bitcoin miners profit from using this resource? You decide. It's sure worth giving a listen to someone with his track record. MUSIC Bumper music: *Rocket Power* by Kevin MacLeod. LINKS Professor McCanney’s Bio-- Wing Generator and Water Project video-- Professor McCanney’s main site-- Prof. McCanney's Weekly Radio Show Archive--( Technology & Choice Subscription page--
Feb. 28, 2018
With the SAFE Alpha 2 Network running for some months now, providing a stable, improving interface for developers to interface with and learn to use the SAFE APIs, a lot of development activity is taking place by independant App Developers. Our guest for this episode is Shane Armstrong, an experienced and successful software engineer who recently discovered the SAFE Network and has jumped right in and started developing and implementing important apps for the network. We discuss his perspective as an experienced engineer approaching the SAFE development process and the network as a whole, the tools in place to speed developers' interface and exploitation of the network, and why he sees the network's implementation as so important. MUSIC Music for this episode: *Safe Crossroads Beta*, an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes LINKS [SAFE CMS post on the SAFE Network forum]( [SAFE CMS github repository]( [SAFE Network Forum]( [SAFE Network Primer]( [SAFE Network School podcast series]( [SAFE Developer Forum]( [SAFE Network Wiki]( []( [MaidSafe]( [SAFE Crossroads subscription links](
Feb. 21, 2018
One of the main problems in talking about the SAFE Network is understanding (1) the enormous scope of the project, (2) the various specific innovations it represents, (3) how those innovations interrelate in the overall system, and (4) why the approach is fundamentally different than pretty much anything else that is being attempted. Regardless of the technical level of the enquirer, Project SAFE has lacked a really good landing place to begin exploration into it. In this episode we interview the originators and main contributors to the recently released SAFE Network Primer and give some very good insights to what the SAFE Network is about, why it's important and how to more easily approach and understanding of how it is designed. ####Music Music for this episode: *Safe Crossroads Beta*, an original piece composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes ####Links [SAFE Network Primer]( [SAFE Network School podcast series]( [SAFE Network Forum]( [SAFE Developer Forum]( [SAFE Network Wiki]( []( [MaidSafe]( [SAFE Crossroads subscription links](
Feb. 14, 2018
I start off this episode sharing a bit about why I'm doing this series on festivals in general and the One Love Festival in particular, and why it's important. Part of this is a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of abandoning existing systems and technologies prematurely, in and effort to use new social systems and technologies to improve on or fix existing ones. There's a balance to be struck. Food for thought. Then I share a delightful interview with Melanie Davenport and her husband, Nick. Melanie and Nick are avid festival goers and share why. They also are vendors at festivals, where Melanie shares her custom clothing creations, Gypsy Spirit Apparel, designed especially for the needs and wants of other enthusiasts. There are specific needs and her adaptation of the technologies she uses is interesting. We also talk about their introduction to cryptocurrencies and the appeal to this community, and how it can help it evolve in desirable directions. It was a great pleasure to visit them in their home and get to see Melanie's operation. See the links below to get access to what she's about. Nick, too. #### Music Bumper music: *Rocket Power* by Kevin MacLeod. #### Links [Gypsy Spirit Apparel]( [Melanie's Facebook]( [Melanie's Etsy page]( [Melanie on Instagram]( [Nick's Instagram]( [One Love Festival site]( [Technology & Choice Subscription page](
Feb. 7, 2018
Christopher Jackson has been making unique and special events happen for a long time and understands the components. We talk about what he's done, why he changed from being a promoter and producer of hip Hollywood parties attended by the likes of Hugh Hefner and his entourage, and others, to producing a different kind of experience that allows for people to connect on a whole different and more satisfying level. We also talk about his part in last year's One Love Festival, and how his technical application will be helping transform it even more as it goes forward. Only hints so far about cryptocurrency integration, but that's coming. #### Music Bumper music: *Rocket Power* by Kevin MacLeod. #### Links [Grateful Generation site](http://www. [One Love Festival site](http://www. [Technology & Choice Subscription page](
Jan. 30, 2018
"I Am" is a technology stack that is evolving to incorporate high tech, to aide a process of personal and social improvement and connection. Our guest, Lucien Vattel, has years of experience in developing technologies to assist in learning and general education. His company (We Are) is partnering with the One Love Festival (see Technology & Choice #26) to evolve the festival experience while working as a proving/learning ground for evolving the I Am tech in a unique social environment. This is a really special episode, as it goes straight in on the Technology & Choice theme. #### Music Bumper music: *Rocket Power* by Kevin MacLeod. #### Links [Lucien Vattel's LinkedIn profile]( [Lucien's TED talk]( [GameDesk video]( [Technology & Choice Subscription page](
Jan. 23, 2018
Modern technology has enabled us to do so many things that were never possible in history. People move more, farther and faster than ever in history. The internet has allowed us to communicate and form relationships with others from almost anywhere. But the impulse for in-person connection with others, the forming of personal bonds, is strong and too often unfulfilled. Festivals of all sorts are exploding in popularity all around the world. These events take many forms, for many reasons. What they hold in common is that they are gatherings of people of common interest, in person, to celebrate community in their preferred forms. In this episode, we talk with Ken Schwenker, a motion picture producer who has gone on to produce a series of powerful events and festivals to help meet that need for true community reconnection. We talk about the rational and technology for putting on such a festival, what the six-year-running One Love Festival is about, and drop hints about other technological innovations to be forthcoming surrounding this year's festival. #### Music Bumper music: *Rocket Power* by Kevin MacLeod. #### Links [One Love Festival](http:// [Leaders Causing Leaders](http:// [Soundcloud feed for Technology & Choice and SAFE Crossroads podcasts]( Subscribe on iTunes under SAFE Crossroads--John Ferguson
Jan. 16, 2018
It was an absolute pleasure to have a long talk with Adam B. Levine about the concept of Value, its core meaning, how we exchange with each other with Value in mind, and how new tools of cryptocurrencies and cryptographic tokens give us options that have never existed before--and, of course, some speculation on the possibilities! There's a lot here, folks. Enjoy! #### Music Bumper music: *Rocket Power* by Kevin MacLeod. #### Links [Soundcloud feed for Technology & Choice and SAFE Crossroads podcasts]( Subscribe on iTunes under SAFE Crossroads--John Ferguson [Subscribe on Twitter](
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