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Welcome to the Crossroads of Project SAFE, and Technology and Choice podcasts. Safecrossroads covers the technology, applications, ideas and people of SAFE Network, where SAFE stands for Secure Access For Everyone, with the keynote of Privacy, Security and Freedom for all.
Technology and Choice covers almost anything viewed through the lens created by the concepts of technology and choice, taken together.
Your host is John Ferguson, the Simpleton of the Project SAFE, because sometimes it takes a simpleton to ask the right questions. After all, we can't all be geeks.
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TC 34, Writing and Research, with Robert Worstell

My old friend and sometimes co-host, Robert Worstell, returns and we explore the topic of research, especially from the angle of learning how to write fiction, and writing in general. Over the years Robert has rolled up his sleeves and plunged into many subject areas to establish for himself what the underlying principles are that allow one to master the subject or action, used what he learned to be effective in the field, and then shared what he learned with others. In the process he has published an impressive volume of books, articles and stories, and learned to make a reasonable living doing so, sharing what he has learned so that others can benefit from what he finds. In our discussion we also get in pretty close to the essence of what makes the pair of concepts "technology" and "choice" such a powerful tool to examine how to do things. #### Music Bumper music: *Phantom from Space* by Kevin MacLeod. #### Links [Free stuff from Robert for listeners of this episode]( [Package of three free courses on writing]( FREE [Go Thunk Yourself, Again]( -- A great book containing an outline of Roberts approach to researching subjects. [*Becoming a Writer*, by Dorothea Brand]( [*On Writing*, by Stephen King]( **Previous Technology & Choice episodes with Robert Worstell** [TC 1 - Virtual Reality]( [TC 2 - Revenge of the Social Media Zombies]( [TC 3 - The Resounding Duh!]( [TC 4 - A Talk with Paul Rosenburg]( [TC 5 - Scam Tech 101]( [TC 7 - Some Loose Ends]( [TC 12 - Influence Says It All]( [Technology & Choice Subscription page](
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