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By Mario Toussaint: Entrepreneur, People Developer and Business Builder!

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ES Mastery delivers Critical Entrepreneur Training and interviews brought to you by the world's most influential business leaders to include ABC's "Shark Tank" contestants and other outstanding Entrepreneurs on their way to the top that do not include Tim Ferriss, Gary Veynerchuck, Pat Flynn, Seth Godin, and Tony Robbins. Mario believes that in order to start or grow your business you need to learn from real business practitioners still on their way to the top. If you're an entrepreneur, Solo-Preneur, small business owner looking to start a business, grow your sales, get more customers, 10 X your team's results, learn POWERFUL marketing skills and much more during your commute or walking the dog, this is the show for you! Mario delivers TOP GUN style, practical and actionable business strategies and advice you can take to the bank, boardroom, pitch meeting, your next project, your new business and deliver like the TOP PERFORMER people wan to do business with. Nobody is born a master in business and this is the show to get you to that almighty MASTERY level. Join the "Mastery Family" today and 10X your results tomorrow! Join our "Mid Week Master Class" each and every Wednesday for critical entrepreneur and business skills training! Go to for all the sexy details!
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Dec. 8, 2016
Bernie is co-founder and Chairman of the Washington Speakers Bureau and today's foremost authority on the lecture industry. Bernie started in a closet and for over the past 35 years he has represented former US Presidents, American and world leaders, journalists, authors, business visionaries, and sports legends. He has a brand new book out titled “What made me who I am! I love to hear about practitioners that are still in the game after 35 years!
Dec. 6, 2016
Mario shares with you his very best way to know if your product will sell and how to know exactly what niche, what section of the market will make you successful faster! This is practically fail proof!
Nov. 24, 2016
Chef Brian Roland received his training at the famous Culinary Institute of America and world famous Chef Daniel Boulud. In no time Brian became South Florida’s TOP CHEF! In 2013 Brian opened what would become the talk of the nation, the famous, Crave Culinaire! His client list includes folks like Judge Judy and he’s also been featured on the Top TV show “Restaurant Start Up” on CNBC. Not only has he built a highly profitable business in just a few short years but he is scaling to a second concept!
Nov. 22, 2016
In this Mid Week Masterclass Mario describes what value represents in the mind of your consumers and how to guarantee people, not just you, find value in your idea or product so it sells. Mario also gets your thinking cap on and challenges you to what could be a painful yet mandatory exercise. Don't miss out!
Nov. 18, 2016
Tony is a customer service expert with 22 years’ experience, he’s an author, speaker and business strategist. He’s delivered his programs all around the nation that include fortune 500 companies. Tony also holds a corporate job while growing BIG revenue in his entrepreneurial undertakings. Tony is the real deal and a true practitioner of this new hybrid style entrepreneur. Today, he’s going to share how he gets all that done.
Nov. 7, 2016
Join Mario as he dives into your mid week master class with you where he reviews the 3 keys to a solid entrepreneur foundation. There are a few things that are hard to measure but must be acknowledged before starting a new business. If you are already launched as an entrepreneur please know that this applies to you as well! Dive into this powerful master class and continue your journey to mastery!
Nov. 2, 2016
Jon Sprinkles is an award winning sales and communication master. Known around the world as “Your Connection Coach” Jonathan Sprinkles is a television personality, featured columnist and a 10-time author. Jonathan has been featured on ABC, FOX News, Headline News, Glamour, The Huntington Post and USA Today just to name a few. Jonathan left a high paying corporate job at Dell over 14 years ago to become an entrepreneur and man has he delivered on that promise. Aside from his highly lucrative media and speaking career, Jonathan leads the highly acclaimed “Presentation Power” Seminar and speaks all around the world. Now days you can see Jonathan alongside folks like Dr. Phil and collaborating with Mega Stars such as Steve Harvey in Walt Disney World resorts. Jon will share with you how he left Dell making 82 000 per year to follow his dream and how he is still on top after 15 years in business! 

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