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Interested in Java and want to know all the latest news and happenings? Join Eric Klein, VP of Java Marketing, David Bryant, Sr. Director, Java Marketing and producer, Jenn Winger, Marketing Programs for Java Marketing at Sun Microsystems, Inc. as we host this weekly podcast to tell you all the latest in the world of Java. Tune in each week to see what surprise guests will be joining us as we discuss everything from this week in Java, to the cool new Java toys we can't live without, to what music has our toes tapping, to what book we are reading and what box we got in the mail this week. If you have any questions, suggestions for future episodes, or just want to say hi, please send us a note to: [email protected] and we will make sure to get them into our queue. We would love to hear from you! Remember, this ain't your Dad's Java. Its a whole new arena and we are ready to play!
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since Jul, 2008


Cause We're Cool Like That...

Episode 1512 brings in 2010....and in the Java world, we are ready to rock! Joined once again by Jenn's manager and all around fabulous person, Kim Celestre, we talk about what events we are gearing up for in the next few months and what the latest news and happenings are in the Java world. As always we tackle our usual, boxes, books and music that has all of us up way too late at night. Tune in and hear what we have to say...(and what we might also not be saying)....To quote the beautiful poetic singer, Ryan Adams, "There it is, the Sun rises...but the Sun sets, the Sun also sets..."
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