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The Digital Mancave Podcast going strong since 2008 and bringing you the latest in movies, TV, video games, gizmos and gadgets, internet news, and geek talk.
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Sept. 9, 2014
  This is the 6 year anniversary episode of the Digital Mancave Podcast (DMC), and also the FINAL episode of the podcst! After 6 great years of success, we are ending the podcast on a high note. I want to thank everyone who added their time and talent throughout this labor of love that was home to many geeks like myself. Thank you all for your support, for listening, and for interacting with all of us involved with the Digital Mancave Podcast, our Facebook page, our blog, our You Tube channel, and all other ways you have shown your love for this podcast.   These past 6 years have meant the world to me, and I have learned so much from you, the audience, and my co-hosts.    So what is next? Well, you can visit the NEW podcast that I have created called "Geek Homeworld". Please check us out at ! We have a blog at , and we are on Facebook as "Geek Homeworld". We will be on iTunes as "Geek Homeworld" (as a podcast). We are on Twitter as @geekhomeworld . We have a You Tube page and we are on Google Plus as, you guessed it, "Geek Homeworld". We have a NEW email at [email protected] , plus we will be having a Mixlr chat, and we will utilize Skype for interaction with the audience. Geek Homeworld will be 30 minute episodes, very focused and to the point, with interaction from the audience. Live episodes with chat via Mixlr, more use of You Tube and other formats. We will discuss geek themes while focusing on TV and movies. We will talk sci-fi and superheroes, and action  and adventure. So check us out at GEEK HOMEWORLD!      See you at Geek Homeworld!!!!      SavageTechman (still on twitter as @SavageTechman),    AKA Ed    9-8-14     
Aug. 13, 2014
  Ed and Cheyrl celebrate the wonderful life and body of work that is Robin Williams. Through all of his movies, comedy specials, and TV performances we discuss how his talent touched and enriched the world. Truly one of the greatest improvisational comedians of all time. Join us as we treasure the exceptional talent of Robin Williams.     SavageTechman aka Ed   8-12-14
Aug. 9, 2014
  In this episode we review the worst movie of 2014, which is so terrible that it is unintentionally funny. That movie is "Into The Storm".   Do not waste your life or money on this movie. We warned you!    SavageTechman aka Ed   and  PalacePrincess aka Cheryl  8-8-14
Aug. 3, 2014
 Ed and Cheryl (SavageTechman and PalacePrincess) discuss the following movies... -Lucy -Guardians Of The Galaxy 8-2-14
July 19, 2014
 Ed, Cheryl, Jerry, and Amy discuss the following... -Transformers Age of Extinction -Dawn of the Planet of the Apes -Extant -True Blood -and much more!   Thanks for listening, Ed aka "SavageTechman" 7-18-14
June 15, 2014
Ed and Cheryl review the following.... -Season finales of Marvel: Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Big Bang Theory. -Godzilla -Maleficent -XMen Days Of Future Past -The Amazing Spiderman 2 -Edge Of Tomorrow -How To Train your Dragon 2 -22 Jump Street Enjoy! SavageTechman 6-15-14
May 6, 2014
 Ed and Cheryl discuss Resurrection, Big Bang Theory, Game Of Thrones, and Marvel's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.    Enjoy,  SavageTechman aka Ed  5-5-14 Digital Mancave BLOG Digital Mancave Podcast Facebook Page
April 10, 2014
  SavageTechman aka Ed and PalacePrincess aka Cheryl discuss our views about Captain America The Winter Soldier, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., and the season premiere of Game Of Thrones.   Please take a moment to LIKE our Facebook Page  Digital Mancave Podcast Facebook Page !!!!   Also, check out our Blog at Digital Mancave Podcast Blog !!     SavageTechman   4-10-14
April 6, 2014
  SavageTechman aka Ed is joined by Beau and Beall of Flash TV Talk Podcast for a special episode covering the upcoming CW show "The Flash", and all things Flash related!   We start talking Flash, but geek on many different topics like, Star Wars, Star Trek, various DC and Marvel comics, Spiderman 2, Batman vs. Superman, and so much more.    Please LIKE our Facebook page Digital Mancave Podcast Facebook Page    Check out our Blog at Digital Mancave Blogspot Page      SavageTechman aka Ed    4-6-14
March 30, 2014
   SavageTechman aka Ed and PalacePrincess aka Cheryl review The Lego Movie and Noah! Ed tells a waitress "nite nite", Wookie girl growls, RISK, and lot of laughs.    Please LIKE our Facebook page. Digital Mancave Podcast Facebook Page Digital Mancave Podcast BLOG     SavageTechman    3-29-14   

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