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Digital Coffee Podcast
By Brett Deister
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This podcast dedicated to all things tech. The story of how this came about was ordinary, maybe, but what I want to do with it, is extraordinary. I was working at a coffee shop and pondered my love for coffee and tech. I have also grown up around tech. I also had a new passion for coffee. This idea stayed with me until I figured out the name. Digital Coffee was born. So, with this idea I look at tech as I do coffee. How is the “tech brewed?” In my reviews, I look at it as a taste test, except I don’t drink the tech. I mean, who would? If you do, please let me know how I can! Anyways, if you feel like this is a great space to learn and have fun with tech, then, feel free to support me. I don’t mind at all!


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Redesigns of social media rarely are met with customers happy. Most people hate it, and others do not care. Snapchat has an uphill battle, but, most people will deal with it. What I Talk About: Snapchat Redesign Why People Hate it Why It's Not a Big Deal Tech's Media Obsession with Russia Hacking Why They Need To Stop Talking About It What They Should Talk About Instead Peter Thiel Leaves Silicon Valley Why It Matters Support Digital Coffee On Patreon, Maker Support. You can pick up merch at the Digital Coffee Podcast Store.
Feb. 12, 2018
Marketing can be difficult. Writing policies for a group of forums can be tedious and unclear. I found following the law is the best way to write policies. Why is it so hard to many to understand this? I talk on this on the new episode of Morning Marketing. Topics Discussed: Facebook Updates YouTube New Rules for Content Creators Twitch Updates Policy Why Your Policy Needs To Be Clear If you like this show here are some great products to buy! Digital Coffee Store
Feb. 5, 2018
Digital Coffee is back! 2018 is already an interesting year. This year we have people going crazy over Net Neutrality and being wrong about the whole policy. Find out why they're wrong. Topics: Net Neutrality Snapchat Ecommerce Robhinhood and Crypto Facebook new changes Why Google CEO is wrong Get the best tech t-shirts, mugs and more at the Digital Coffee Store.  
Oct. 2, 2017
Today's Episode The tech media seems all the same. They are all the same political ideology and talk less about tech and more about social-political topics. I want tech to be about tech. We do not need more of this. I miss when tech was tech! Show Topics: Why the tech media sounds the same I wish they would talk about tech again Why there needs to be more diversity of thought Online debating Why it's terrible We need to stop name calling for the "win" Online Dating The Law of Abundance Understanding the basics of communication We need to start dating You're never going to get Mr/Miss Perfect Highlights from the Show: Why can't the tech media stick to tech? The problem with online debating is the name calling. Online dating has a problem with the law of abundance.  You're not going to find the perfect person. Nothing is perfect It's fine to be selective but we're being too selective.
Sept. 27, 2017
Today's Episode Digital Advertising is the beard and butter of online businesses. However, we've been abusing this for so long, that people are not wanting to see it. What went wrong? I will talk about this in the new episode. Topics I will Talk About: Pinterest Ads and Target Deal Gab.ia vs. Google The Death of Digital Advertising How did this happen Who's to blame What We Can Do About It The NFL Missing The Point Why This Will Hurt My Plea For Businesses To Stay Politically Neutral Show Highlights: People hate our crappy ads. We need to fix this by quality over quantity More and more people are using or turning on ad blockers If you're not in the business of opinion, stay out of politics. Love him or hate him, Trump understands his audience. The NFL doesn't. Sports was supposed to be a uniter and now it's not... People want to watch sports, not politics. Understand your audience NFL.
Sept. 20, 2017
Today's Episode Equifax is plain awful. A company that stores very personal information should have done a better job at safeguarding that. Now, we have to deal with their mistake. Find out what I say about this and the iPhone X. Show Topics: The Equifax epic failure What to do about it How to deal with it Why this will hurt Equifax Apple iPhone X What's new? Is it worth it? How much Is the CCleaner hack really a threat How can you protect yourself and your business from hackers Review: Dishonored Death of the Outsider Highlights of the Show: Equifax this is all your fault. This was one of the worst PR debacles I watched the Apple event and thought, "eh" about the iPhone X Every update for the iPhone X, Andriod has been doing it for years.
Sept. 14, 2017
Today's Episode It happens. Lots of companies have a PR fail or two. Sometimes it's a bad decision and sometimes it's a stupid decision. Be sure you mitigate the stupid decisions. Be sure you do not make the stupid decision. I also talk about content standard guidelines and some basic tips on marketing plans. Enjoy! Show Topics: What is a content standard Why marketers should start writing What is a marketing plan Why is it important How do you start to write a marketing plan Lesson from a PR Fail Highlights from the Show: Content Standard Guideline is something every business needs Marketing plans are essential for any business. It's best to figure out a theme for your marketing plan Do big goals, but, also have micro goals, too. As a business, you are going to cater to everyone on every political spectrum
Sept. 3, 2017
Today's Episode   Show Timeline: Rebuttal on Matt Lees Presentation at Gamescom Video My thoughts about Destiny 2 beta Highlights of the Show: Matt, you look like you created this in 15 minutes You make a lot of assertions without facts Matt, what is the "alt-right?" No one seems to be able to define it Sorry, Matt, men still buy more games than women, you would know if you did research. Please, Matt, do some research next time. Sources: 2017 Video Games Trends and Stats ESA 2015 Essential Facts About the Video Game Industry New study on the Average American Gamer Google Trends on GamerGate Violent Video Game Study 1 Violent Video Game Study 2
Aug. 28, 2017
Today's Episode Snapchat has been under fire by not doing as well, as many people would have liked. However, that's not true. Snapchat is getting more younger demographics than Facebook. The only saving grace for Facebook is Instagram. We could see the rise of Snapchat in the next 5 to 10 years. Show Timeline: More In-Stream Video ads come to Facebook Video Instagram doing some co-broadcasting options Facebook penalizing "fake news" in its algorithm Facebook is retiring some ad opportunities Marketing and Podcasts Forrester claims social media ad tech "immature" 57% of traffic comes from Mobile. LinkedIn adds native video to their site. Google Introduces autoplay previews in its search Bing now has color-labeled ads The power of video Why Snapchat is not dying and stop saying it is. Ask why before strategy Highlights from the Show: If you're looking for an easy setup to podcasting try Anchor radio. The co-broadcasting feature for Instagram is a good thing. I hope when Facebook deems things fake, they do it in a balanced way. LinkedIn finally gets into video. This is great!
Aug. 20, 2017
Today's Episode In the beginning of the tech industry, they were the misfits, the ones people did not understand. Now, they are the elites, telling people what business they can run, people they can love, and share. These companies are proving that the government is not our biggest threat. The tech companies are the biggest threat to ideas and modern society and they need to recognize this. Find out more on this episode of Digital Coffee. Episode Timeline: Why Google is wrong again Why GoDaddy is wrong Why Cloudfare is wrong Why OkCupid is wrong Why Facebook is wrong and how they shaped this Why Discord is wrong Why Airbnb is wrong Why Gab.ia should not have been banned The tech companies telling people how to think The threat of the echo chamber What we can do to change this Highlights of the Show: Google if you don't stop, no one is going to want to use your services. OkCupid are you for equality or not? OkCupid is anti-feminist Facebook shaped how we view the world for ad money. There are only two ways of changing this: laws or not use their services.