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RSR150 - John Cuniberti - Recording Punk, Metal, & Amazing Records With One Mic

John talked about recording the Dead Kennedys, Joe Satriani, Thomas Dolby, and One Mic (the minimalist recording series) My guest today is John Cuniberti, and engineer who started at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco recording punk, metal, and alternative bands like The Dead Kennedys, Flipper, Forbidden, Xentrix and Crome. John received both platinum and gold records for co-producing and engineering six Joe Satriani records, including Satriani's ground-breaking 1988 "Surfing with the Alien.” In 1994 John designed, manufactured and sold the first commercially available reamping device called the Reamp.  In 2000 John opened a CD mastering suite at the world-famous Plant Recording Studios in Sausalito mastering over one thousand CDs for artists like Tracy Chapman, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Thomas Dolby, Aaron Neville, Fela Kuti and the Grateful Dead. In 2008 John won a Grammy for his mastering work on "Global Drum Project" by Mickey Hart and Zakir Hussain. In 2016 John began work on his YouTube channel OneMic (the minimalist recording series) In the series of over 20 videos, John demonstrates how he records an entire band around one stereo microphone with remarkable results.   Thanks to our sponsors! Roswell Pro Audio: Tegeler Audio Manufaktur: Hear more on Youtube If you love the podcast then please Leave a review on iTunes here Want to learn more about mixing? Get Free mix training with Lij at: CLICK HERE FOR SHOW NOTES AT:
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