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By Danny Mullen and Christine Schwab

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Here on Dirty Tech Talk, we discuss the dirty little secrets of technology with a twist.
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March 8, 2017
What is a backup? Backup refers to the copying of physical or virtual files to a secondary site for preservation in case of equipment failure or disaster. -techtarget.com Backups are a snapshot in time data that is considered vulnerable should be backed up. From Webster – first known use of backup 1910 A backup is when you can copy and save the information in your device. If you were to ever replace your device you can use the information from you backup. Types of backups full – iTunes backup – http://dirtytechtalk.net/itunes ***coming soon Contacts only / Photos Only / App data only Who is reponsible for backups? – Not your provider…. 6 Reasons to backup Total Loss (Bonus:Clone for a new phone) Some things can’t be replicated! Child’s Dance recital Sunset picture on the honeymoon Lost Contacts, you can’t call them to ask for their number… Accessibility Pictures/Notes/Contacts can be reviewed and available even if you didn’t have your phone.. Organize your data on a larger screen with full keyboard Phone defect Battery Failure Memory Failure Virus/Spy ware corruption Must have multiple copies of backups as you might not know where infection happened Peace of Mind Simple to do and doesn’t take much time. Form a habit!! Saying: You never really know how much something means to you until its gone. Sign up for our email newsletter to get the Dirty Tech Talk Backup checklist!  Available soon!  Sign up here  
Feb. 25, 2017
In this episode: Introduction to the mobile master series!
Jan. 22, 2017
In this episode, introductions! Introduction of Danny Mullen and Christine Schwab Qualifications of Danny Mullen to be your hosts How Danny got started in technology Some example topics of future episodes Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon.
Oct. 16, 2016
1st podcast preliminary episode for feed testing.
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