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By Chad Barr

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Chad Barr, President, The Chad Barr Group, Helping individuals and organizations leverage their web presence to transform their business success!
March 28, 2018
Hidden among the chaos and hype, there are secrets to success on the web. Globally renowned inter-net expert Chad Barr is joining me to reveal them – and show you how to use them to amplify your web presence and profits. Using the unmatched reach of the web, entrepreneurs are empowered to take a more tactical, brand-driven approach to attracting new clients and reinforcing the relationships with their current clientele—quickly raising the bar to produce better results for their brand and their business. During the show we will be discussing the critical areas that can be immediately enhanced to emphasize creditability and instantly build trust among visitors. Join us for a show that could set you well on the way to a million dollar presence.
Feb. 9, 2018
Chad Barr, Founder and President of The Chad Barr Group, is an Internet marketing strategist with over 30 years of experience transforming businesses through technology innovation. Born and raised in Israel, Chad arrived in the United States at age 22, determined to capture the American dream. He founded his own technology company in 1987, and quickly became a globally sought-after software developer, mentor and strategist. The Chad Barr Group works with clients on multiple continents including the UK, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, Israel, and across the United States. Chad helps his clients leverage the web to dramatically transform their businesses and establish a powerful web presence. His firm, The Chad Barr Group, is recognized as one of the leading strategic Internet development organizations in the world. Chad devotes his time to writing, coaching, consulting, speaking, and leading his clients to greater successes. A prolific writer about the web, marketing and business strategy, he has published hundreds of articles. He also co-authored the book Million Dollar Web Presence, which demonstrates how to leverage the web to build your brand and transform your business. When he is not working with his clients, Chad revels in his latest role as grandfather to three wonderful (and, of course, brilliant) grandchildren. A former professional guitarist, Chad especially enjoys playing guitar for his grandchildren, who think he is the coolest guitarist in the world. Reference: Wisdom of Friends Talk Show – Season 3 Episode 27
April 26, 2017
In this podcast Scott discusses: How to hire top talent, The trigger to writing this book, How to attract the best, Slow to hire, quick to fire, What does Zero to Fill™ mean, And much more… In High Velocity Hiring, Scott reveals his system for filling jobs effectively and instantly―making it your ultimate weapon in winning the war for talent. Get Your Copy Today  
April 25, 2017
In this podcast Scott discusses: What it means to hire in an instant, Providing value, How to create remarkable content and strengthen thought leadership, Digital Empire Creation® and turning bumps into opportunities, Overcoming challenges and more…    
Nov. 12, 2013
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Sept. 17, 2013
© Chad Barr 2013. All rights reserved
July 12, 2013
In this podcast, Chad discusses why developing provocative content is critical to strengthening thought leadership. As an example, Chad works with host Linda Popky to demonstrate how to create strong, compelling content on marketing thought leadership. © Chad Barr 2013. All rights reserved
June 3, 2013
What are some of the challenges sales leaders face today and what do do about them? What are the attributes of the most successful sales leaders? How do you make extrinsic goals intrinsic? And what are some of the key sales trends? Want to know the answers to these and other questions? Then click on the play arrow below and listen to this podcast and to Chad Barr in a great sales conversation with Colleen Francis, founder, of Engage Selling. © Chad Barr 2013. All rights reserved
March 18, 2013
Back in 2012, I shared the importance of consistently meeting the buyer (MTB). If you want to increase the success of your business, click, play and listen to this podcast where Chad shares ways to do this. © Chad Barr 2013. All rights reserved
March 4, 2013
This is another podcast interview I was able to dig out from the archives. Listen to Phil Symchych in a conversation with me about successful Internet and business strategies. © Chad Barr 2013. All rights reserved
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