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Most marketing advice is pulled from big companies. How many times have you read a business book with advice on how Apple or Google did it? Those growth strategies just don’t apply to smaller businesses. The Small Marketing Teams podcast is full of specialized advice for the people responsible for growing small and mid-sized companies. For the past 10 years, I've researched, tested, and seen success with the marketing and sales approaches that I will teach you so that you can achieve remarkable results without a huge budget and team.
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since Nov, 2016


How to 7X the Return on Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns [Episode #14]

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Let's face it. Most companies are terrible at lead nurturing. They send boring, impersonal emails every few weeks over several months. These companies think that they are staying top of mind with you, but they are really getting lost in a sea of similar emails that are not getting opened. Want proof? Check your inbox! In this episode of the Small Marketing Teams podcast, I’ll walk you through my counterintuitive approach to lead nurturing that has yielded much higher engagement rates than traditional lead nurturing campaigns.
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