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Digital PowWow with Kiruba and Amar is a podcast that discusses the trends, tools, and techniques for digital and social media. Our goal is to help your business use social media and digital marketing effectively. Each week, we discuss how digital marketing and social media can help you, the practitioner of this trade, in creating a positive impact on your business. We cover topics such as Quora, Instagram, Blog, and of course, Podcasts. Digital Powwow is a discussion based show, though occasionally we also interview guests such as Kyra Reed (Co-Founder of MTO Agency) who bring their rich experience and unique perspectives.
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May 4, 2016
Kiruba and Amar discuss their experiences, takeaways and learnings from the past three months of Digital PowWow podcast and they talk about what would Season II look like.Shownotes and references are available at
April 27, 2016
We continue our discussion with Kyra Reed, Co-FOunder of MTO Agency, a Social Media firm based out of Los Angeles in the US. Kyra talks about the social media channels/ formats that are dominant today and maybe tomorrow- text, voice, images, video or a combination of these. We also talk about what startups and business in India should keep in mind while using social media tools. Finally, a great tip by Kyra on using Instagram to communicate in multiple languages.Shownotes will be available at #Podcasts #socialmedia #instagram #facebook #marketing #India #periscope
April 25, 2016
In this preview episode for Digital PowWow Podacst with Kiruba and Amar, we had a couple of announcements to make in addition to introduction to this week's episode. Let us begin with theEpisode that we will release on April 28th, 2016. In Episode 10, we will continue our discussion with Kyra Reed, the co-Founder of MTO Agency our of Los Angeles in the United States.In this second and concluding part of the discussion, we will talk about how companies in India can use Social Media, given the challenges of multiple languages.Announcements:a. Next week, that is on May 4th 2016, we will release the final episode of Season I of the Digital PowWow Podcast with Kiruba and Amar. We will be back with season Two ina few months' timeb. Kamakshi Media, the producer of this podcast, is starting a new podcast series called Baalgatha- childrens' stories narrated in English and a couple of Indian languages, delivered to youthrough an audio podcast. We are launching this podcast as a Beta. If you would like to participate in this Beta program, add the number +91-9850800464 to your contacts and send a message on WhatsApp "Subscribe Me". Note that we will be using WhatsApp only for this Beta program. You will receive 10 stories, 1 story per day, as a part of this program.
April 20, 2016
Kyra is the Co-Founder of MTO Agency, a Social Media Firm based out of Los Angeles. She has spent 15 years working with dozens of companies of all sizes ranging from traditional to social marketing, including start-ups, mid-size businesses and well-known events such as the Monterey Pop Festival.In this Part I of a Two Part interview, Kyra discusses The leading social media channels that companies should use. We also discuss about social media for startups, for B2C as well as B2B companies. Her recommendations: Facebook presence is a must, Twitter can be useful for thought leadership and connecting with industry leaders, Instagram could be effective for B2C companies, and Kyra also believes that video could be the next big thing, and Periscope is a tool to watch out for. We conclude the discussion with the 10 different type of relationships B2B businesses have with their stakeholders (customers, employees, vendors, neighborhood, etc.) where social media could play a positive role in creating connections.Shownotes from this discussion will be available at
April 18, 2016
This week, our guest is Kyra Reed, the Co-Founder of MTO agency based out of Los Angeles, USA. This is the part I of our interview with Kyra where she talks about some of the trends in the social media space and her thoughts on what businesses and startups in particular should do in this space.
April 13, 2016
In this episode, we talk to Saanjay Sethi, Founder of Matrix Publications and Leapfrog Publishing Consulting, on books in a digital format. Saanjay has nearly 3 decades of experience in the publishing industry, and he calls himselfsomewhat of a radical in terms of his thinking. We talk about digital coffee table editions, audio files embedded in ebooks, how professional speakers can use digital marketing alongwith speaking engagements to sell their books. We also talk about the concept of Guest Writing- extending the concept of guest blog to a full length book.Shownotes for this episode will be available at #audiobooks #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #books
April 6, 2016
Starting next week, Digital Powwow with Kiruba and Amar will move to a new format: from discussion based show to a mix of discussion and interviews. Our Whatsapp Boradcast Group adn Telegram Channels aer also live. Please add Amar's number +91-9850800464 to your contacts in Whatspp and send a message to Amar with the text "PowWow-Subscribe". Every Wednesday you will start getting the link and the shownotes for the podcast,
March 30, 2016
We are excited to announce that Digital Powwow Podcast with Kiruba and Amar will be available through Whatsapp, Hike Messenger and Telegram. We have set up channels on these apps. You can subscribe to the channels by adding the number +91-9850800464 to your contacts and sending a message to this number. Note that channels are different from groups on Whatsapp, etc. You will not be able to see other members, and other members will not be able to communicate with you. Any messages or information that you send will reach to us directly, in other words, your privacy will be maintained. Also, we will only send you the link to the audio file and the shownotes, you will have to click on the link to the file to listen to the podcast episode. We are doing this so that we do not "push" the content to you that you do not wish to listen. We hope that this idea will be successful, and looking forward to your comments and feedback!
March 22, 2016
In this episode, Kiruba and Amar discuss why blogs are still important in today's environment, and how can businesses use them for branding and customer connect. Kiruba provides a history of blogging, and how it has evolved in the present format. Amar narrates his experiences while working with the Marcom team of a Fortune 500 company four years ago. Kiruba and Amar narrate examples of companies both India and abroad who have robust Corporate Blogs. Shownotes from this episode will be available at
March 9, 2016
In this solo episode of the Digital PowWow with Kiruba and Amar, Amar talks about something that he came up with: The Social Media Marketer’s Alphabet. A couple of weeks ago, Amar was looking up some information on social media sites as a part of his research for the podcast. He noticed an interesting pattern- the names of the sites began practically with every letter of the English Alphabet.He doodled up a little sheet which he called The Social Media Marketer’s Alphabet, and this podcast episode came out of it.

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