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Find out what happens when women break the rules - those unwritten but all too real bullsh*t expectations of how we should live our lives. Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin (formerly Stuff Mom Never Told You) tackle questions through their trademark obsessive research, stories from rule-breakin’ ladies and a solid dose of delightful feminist rage.

United States
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since Jan, 2018
explicit content


20. How to Stop Getting Screwed in the SCOTUS

If Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg could add anything to the US Constitution, it would be an Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)--and Cristen and Caroline are on a mission to make that happen. Today, we talk to filmmaker and activist Kamala Lopez about the century-long fight for an ERA, why we still need one, and the unladylike power we have to finally get a constitutional IUD to protect our rights from unplanned politics.Find #IUDmyrights images to share (and resources galore) at unladylike.co. Follow Unladylike on social @unladylikemedia. Sign up for our newsletter at unladylike.co/newsletter. Find Unladylike merch at unladylike.co/shop. This episode is brought to you by Beyond Meat [http://beyondmeat.com/unladylike], Flex [http://ihatetampons.com with code UNLADYLIKE], Stitch Fix [http://stitchfix.com/unladylike], Vrai & Oro [http://truthandgold.com/unladylike], Mod Cloth [http://modcloth.com with code UNLADYLIKE] and The Spy Who Dumped Me [in theaters August 3].  
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