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Listen to Dan Harley talk about implementing today's technology into your business. Web sites, Internet, Internet marketing, VOIP phones - anything and everything that has buttons, requires power or accesses the Internet. Also hear interviews from business owners and discover how they have become successful.
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Jan. 30, 2013
DAN HARLEY has decades of experience in computer  programming, web design, Internet marketing, business  management and professional sales. Dan has his own internet marketing consulting firm. He does domain and web site flipping as well.    This is the first in a series of shows focusing on network marketing. Dan has experience in this industry as a cosultant for companies and individuals as well as personal sucess. Dan will discuss how to leverage the Internet to become more successful in netowrk marketing, regardless of the opportunity, where you're located or what kidn of experience you have.    Links related to the show: http://MLMSuccessSecret.com http://danharleyjr.comhttp://createasite4free.comhttp://primeconcepts.net
Jan. 18, 2013
DAN HARLEY has decades of experience in computer programming, web design, Internet marketing, business management and professional sales.   In this show, Dan thanks Dr. Ev Richardson for the opportunity to be a jockey on Carribean Radio Show and thanks Dale Perryman for being his co-host on Technology Tuesday for the past few months. Dan also explains why Technology Tuesday was canceled and tech Talk has been revived.    Links related to the show: http://constantcontact.danharleyjr.comhttp://danharleyjr.comhttp://createasite4free.comhttp://primeconcepts.nethttp://domains.danharleyjr.comhttp://hosting.danharleyjr.comhttp://thewebinarsecret.comhttp://hotvideoemail.com
May 30, 2011
http://TheWebinarSecret.com - Dan Harley talks about webinars and how these services can boost your business. Perform sales demonstrations. Hold meetings. Hold online training courses classes with students from around the world. Expand your business beyond traditional borders and drive more customers to you. Video webinars can significantly increase your business with very little cost. Dan Harley now represents WowWe, which is an innovative technology company that offers the best webinar services at the most reasonable cost. Here are some of the features of WowWe's video webinar system: Up to 50 video webinar attendees Up to 100 teleconference attendees Unlimited meetings Participants o Roster of presenters and attendees o Control participant camera and microphone status o "Emoticon" indicators available to all attendees o Make any attendee a presenter or eject from the conference Web video o Webcam feed from up to 12 attendees o Visible to all attendees Discussion o Multi-party text chat o Both private and public messages Whiteboard o Real time highlighting, text, arrows, etc. o Annotation objects can be selected and moved, modified, or deleted Slide show o Ability to show PowerPoint and Flash/jpeg slides Application sharing o Real time sharing of applications Listen to Dan's show and discover how to apply video webinars to your business TODAY! Get the best video webinar service on the Internet by visiting TheWebinarSecret.com!
May 29, 2011
http://HotVideoEmail.com - USAToday calls video “the single most effective form of communication.” Until now, it was also the most expensive, awkward and time consuming. Dan Harley talks about how video e-mail can significantly increase your business with very little cost. Dan Harley now represents WowWe, which is an innovative technology company that offers FREE high quality video e-mail accounts. Here are some of the features of WowWe’s video e-mail system: Point-and-Click Features • Record, edit, and save • Full screen preview prior to sending • Easy to use Buffered Video • Massive audience can watch your videos at the same time with no hiccups or delays • Standard local buffering prevents stops and starts in the recipients’ web browsers Templates • Upload your own personalized email templates. Customize templates for promotions, events or announcements • Choose from over 100 stock email templates • Purchase professionally designed templates, created by our award winning staff Contact manger • Upload thousands of contacts at once • Create groups • Edit and change features Deliverability / Certified sender • Best Practices for Reliable Email Delivery • SenderScore powered reputation enhancement • Reliably to all major ISPs All of these features and it’s FREE! Listen to Dan’s show and discover how to apply video e-mail to your advertising and marketing plans TODAY! Get a FREE video e-mail account by visiting HotVideoEmail.com NOW!
April 2, 2011
http://PrimeConcepts.net This is the first of a multi-part series on Internet marketing strategies supporting Dan Harley's Internet marketing seminars. If you're struggling through he recession with your business, then you will want to listen to this and the upcoming shows. Dan Harley talks about how to use e-mail marketing and common sense to generate business for you right away. Sign up for a FREE 60-Day trial with Constant Contact. No credit card required. [ click here ] Subscribe to PrimeConcepts mailing list and gain FREE access to Dan's upcoming Internet marketing webinars. [ click here ]
Feb. 27, 2011
http://primeconcepts.net - Dan Harley talks about how to transition from offline marketing and advertising to going online, how there are parallels between the two strategies and what you must do. There are enormous opportunities to reach your customers through the Internet, while the offline marketing opportunities are drying up. That's because your customers are going online to find you (or your competitors) and are abandoning traditional offline marketing channels. Dan describes the what and why of how to transition into online marketing and advertising and be successful at it. Listen to this show and learn more about online marketing and advertising for small businesses! Also look for a follow-up show on this subject and other marketing tips soon.
Feb. 22, 2011
http://primeconcepts.net - Dan Harley interviews Cheryl Markowitz about her new business with Gold Fellow where she organizes gold parties. Gold parties are events for people to sell their unwanted gold. Old earrings, unwanted jewelry, gold, platinum, silver, diamonds all can be turned into cash at gold parties. These are parties where everyone makes money! Cheryl describes how she started with Gold Fellow, how she rose quickly in the company and how easy it is for someone else to do the same. Cheryl also shares how she uses a notebook computer to run her business where she is located. Listen to this show and learn more about gold parties!
Feb. 11, 2011
http://primeconcepts.net - Dan Harley interview Jonathan Lee, president of CommercePromote and creator of MenuPromote - a restaurant web site and online food ordering system. They talk about how restaurants can generate substantial revenue by giving their customers the ability of ordering food online. They discuss further about how MenuPromote can benefit advertising and marketing for a restaurant. How features, such as eCoupons, eGreeting Cards and an electronic newsletter publishing system can drive more customers to restaurants at no cost other than the time to create and send an e-mail. Jonathan talks about how major restaurant chains, such as Pappa Johns, sell billions through their web site that provides ordering pizza online. Learn more about online food ordering systems, online marketing for a restaurant and how technology can benefit a restaurant by contacting Dan Harley at PrimeConcepts.net
Feb. 2, 2011
http://primeconcepts.net - Dan Harley's guest is Zachary Betts, who is part of the A to Z Team from Keller Williams. Zach talks about short sales, foreclosures and the process that has brought him and his team over 95% success rate in short sales transactions. Zach also talks about how Internet marketing has transformed his business by generating contacts and clients that he would never have otherwise. Learn more about internet marketing, search engine marketing and geo targeted marketing by visiting PrimeConcepts.net
Feb. 1, 2011
http://primeconcepts.net - Dan Harley talks about working remotely by using LogMeIn, Skype and Team Viewer. Dan has successfully worked in Vietnam, which is thousands of miles away from his home office in Southern California. He is able to work and performed at 100% capacity while enjoying his travels with family and friends. Dan brings his experience to this show so others can benefit from his experience. Learn more about remote computing, remote desktop access and using Skype by visiting PrimeConcepts.net
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