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Between 3 Worlds: the podcast that explores international diversity and what it means for us in the 21st century. We talk about what matters between me, you, and whatever topic or person is at hand. We seek to connect the world and make it a smaller place for everyone.
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June 19, 2018
Philosophy. It’s a word we throw around a lot these days. Spain, it’s a country everyone visits, but only to Barcelona. We all learn from our fathers, but how much of that is possible when he is a celebrity? Meet Carlos Segovia. He’s the son of the late legend Andrés Segovia, father of the classical guitar! This is the instrument I’ve played since childhood. I happen to be one degree away from Carlos through my undergrad teacher who was Segovia’s last student. In Today’s Episode: Magical Places in Spain Life as the son of Andrés Segovia Philosophy and Anthropology And much more! You can read his works on the history of religion there through the lens of Islam, Judaism and Christianity. For the full show notes of today's episode, follow this link.
June 13, 2018
When was the last time you got to speak to a real life Mohawk? What if they said to forgive past colonial sins and lived their days in a way to prevent cultural extinction? This would be a conversation I would never skip out on. Whether we believe it or not, Native Americans/First Nations tribespeople are still alive and breathing. They have so much wisdom and knowledge to offer us in the modern age. We must learn to listen. Today we speak with Ryan DeCaire, a Mohawk Indian who grew up on a reservation but didn’t learn his Native language until early adulthood. With resilience he conquered the mountain and is now an imporant voice in his community. In Today’s Episode: Who are the Mohawk Ryan’s philosophy through the eyes of Native culture The importance of working with the earth Tidbits on the Mohawk language And much more! For those of you who are interested in learning Mohawk, check out this website. Ryan is an incredible human being and as a native has tons of new perspective to shine on our 21st century minds and eyes. Thanks as always for listening and being present. For the full show notes of today's episode, follow this link.
June 6, 2018
In order to make the world operate, you need a people lover. Meet Alex Rawlings (@alex.rawlangs). He’s the individual who is seeking for people’s stories and also happens to be a language learning wizard. I should mention he's a hyperpolyglot who speaks around 15 languages! Alex has appeared on BuzzFeed, the Guardian, the BBC amongst others. He won the title of the UK's Most Multilingual Student in 2012. He is a graduate of world renown Oxford University and in the meantime has managed to become an incredibly articulate person. It is my belief that simply listening to him speak will make you smarter. Blogger and writer he is the author of: How to Speak Any Language Fluently which is available anywhere books are sold. In Today’s Episode: How we first met What it’s like to study at Oxford Polyglot Conference 2018 Memrise And much more! For the full show notes of today's episode, follow this link. Until next time. Stay incredible!
May 30, 2018
When Facebook became a thing, using it as a platform and becoming famous wasn’t part of the agenda. Millions of views later, Sheldon Ho has taken advantage of social media platforms with his friends at CantoMando to empower others and eliminate hate throughout the world. This week's guest is the founder of YouTube Channel & Facebook Page CantoMando along with his friends Edward Leung and Mike Wu. It’s a place where people can learn and understand their heritage better. In Today’s Episode: How learning Mandarin helped kill hate Empowering people through culture Interacting with fans Cultural life anecdotes And much more! Thanks as always for listening. If you have any suggestions please shoot me an email via the contact form! Until next time. Stay incredible! For the full show notes of today's episode, follow this link.
May 23, 2018
Yanjaa is one of a kind. She's living a nomadic life different from that of her Mongol ancestors, but still conquering the world. How? Through winning world records, and conquering new ground in the world of memory whether it be memorizing IKEA catalogues or going on Talent Shows. Yanjaa is such a charming person with a voice that's overly pleasant to listen to, maybe that's just me. In Today’s Episode: The life of an International Grandmaster of Memory Racism in other places What and where is Mongolia Life as a Third Culture Kid And much more! Thanks for Listening! I really appreciate all of your listening ears and that you desire to see the world grow! If you enjoy the podcast, leaving reviews is the best way to get more and more people into the community. We are always looking for more people to listen to, more brains to pick, more beliefs to understand. Rating the podcast wherever you listen to them will show the world that Between 3 Worlds is worth listening to! Thanks so much and until next time! For the complete show notes of today's episode, follow this link.
May 16, 2018 · transcript
If there’s a journalist we all think of immediately, it’s either Superman or Spiderman. They definitely have to straddle two identities. Dolly Li may not have a suit and tights, but she’s still a superhero in the world of Asian American journalism. This incredible woman is a New Yorker of Chinese extraction sharing the stories of Asians worldwide while building cultural empathy. She’s done an incredible job. She worked for AJ+, was the Vice President of the Asian American Journalist Association, and is currently working at the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. This is a special episode for me because I’ve never spoken to a journalist before. She's one with a very well formed opinion and heart seeking to share the stories of people rather than her own. Without further ado... In Today’s Episode: How Dolly became a Journalist Who are the Chinese? Being harassed by border guards Meeting the Mississippi Delta Chinese And much more! For the full show notes of today's episode, follow this link. ‘Till next time!
May 9, 2018 · transcript
For the full show notes of today's episode, follow this link. We’ve all heard of Clint Eastwood and watched his Western movies growing up. Over a decade ago, he released a movie called Gran Torino featuring people of a special ethnic group known as the Hmong. Today we have the pleasure of talking to Bee Vang who played one of the main characters in the film. The basic premise is throughout the movie a racist Vietnam war veteran Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood’s character) eventually befriends his Hmong neighbors. Through crazy circumstances he becomes a sort of father figure for the young teenager Thao Vang Lor (Bee Vang’s character.) Bee Vang is a man with a strong and well informed opinion on a variety of subjects. He graduated from Brown University, and is an active writer, speaker, and activist for social issues, especially those concerning his people, the Hmong/Miao. This episode is the second episode celebrating Asian Pacific Heritage Month. We've got three more people and then we’ll be getting to a whole new topic. In Today’s Episode: Gran Torino and Clint Eastwood The history of the Hmong and how they came to the US Discrimination between different Asian communities And much more! Thank you! For the full show notes of today's episode, follow this link. Thanks so much for tuning in and look forward to talking with you next week.
May 1, 2018
YouTube life. Sounds glamorous and easy, but the secret is in the making of it. In this episode we delve into the story of Jeffrey Chang (@Jeffreyfever) who is an artist and human extraordinaire. Jeffrey has appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show, He’s been featured on the Ellen De Generes Show, competed in Canada’s Got Talent, worked with people like WongFu productions, NigaHiga, and MC Jin amongst others. May is a special month because in the U.S. we’re celebrating Asian-American Pacific Islander Month. This episode is the beginning of a special series throughout the month of May featuring the lives of Asians throughout the world. Don’t take your headphones off just yet. This month will just be dedicated to the stories of people who happen to be Asian but will not focus solely on Asian narrative. Regardless of your race, we’ll be discussing basic questions of humanity. In Today’s Episode: Growing up Asian in French speaking Canada Secret life of a YouTuber How to straddle multiple cultures The making of his Draw My Life video And much more! For more information check out the blogpost with full shownotes by clicking the link.‘Till next time!
April 24, 2018
How different would your life read if you wore the motto “LIVE A GREAT STORY" like a tattoo? Loving out Loud would suddenly not become so difficult for us all eh? Zach (Zoom) Horvath is the founder of LIVE A GREAT STORY and our special guest on today’s show. He's got a message to say and a community to share for all of you who are listening. In Today’s Episode: How to Live a Great Story The importance of travel to expand yourself What is friendship? And much more! In Zoom’s Words: LIVE A GREAT STORY is a community focused on inspiring, educating and supporting people who write their own story. We share inspiring stories through videos, picture and words, sell Reminder products that keep moving forward and host events to connect people in real life. The Inspiration Ambassador Program is a 4 month season of connection, ideas and community focused on supporting a diverse group of Ambassador's on their journey of moving their story forward. What's the best first step to start rockin with LIVE? Grab an Inspiration Kit.. they're magic 😉 For the full version of the shownotes complete with links, click here.
April 17, 2018
Listening without an agenda is difficult. Try doing that when walking 4,000 miles across America. I love walking, but that’s something else. Andrew Forsthoefel takes things to another level. Today’s guest walked the distance armed with a message: Walking to Listen. He is speaker, writer, and peace activist, currently living in Massachusetts while making a difference in the lives of those around the country and the world. What makes this episode extra special is because he’s the second author of a book I read that has agreed to come on and share their story! The first was TED Talk speaker Elizabeth Pisani. She spent a year on her own traveling Indonesia in order to write her book. There seems to be a trend here... In Today’s Episode: Why bother listening? The purpose of poetry even when you see none. Being a white guest amongst Native Americans Redefining the idea of love And much more! Where to find Andrew Personally, I really recommend reading his book. That’s how I found out about him in the first place! More importantly his book is a journey and you get to actually be there right with him as events are unfolding. The amount of patience and love Andrew has is astounding. Check out this episode along with the complete shownotes through this link.
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