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America's Dog Whisperer, Mark German, MBA, is a man with a serious mission. Recently profiled on Good Morning, Arizona and the Pat McMahon Show, Mark is working to get the word out to all dog owners: There’s Hope!© He would like to bring this awareness to everyone who loves their dog but struggles with out-of-control behaviors like jumping, barking, lunging, aggression, and shyness. There is no dog Mark won’t work with – “as long as the owner is willing to change.” He believes that practicing a calm energy with your dog is the first step to taking back control. At his symposiums, he points to statistics that show most people give up their dogs because of behavior issues, and he would like to change that. Mark feels that if people treated their dogs, like…well dogs, most behavioral issues would subside. That’s not to say he thinks we shouldn’t be affectionate with our pets. Mark advises that owners follow The Four Essentials to a Stable Dog©. “I know of people who can’t even have guests over to their house because of unruly dogs. I can show people how to change that and get their lives back.”
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