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FBP 159: Why Freelancers Need to Get a Unionbank EON Card

Freelancers will all agree when I say that time is money. Imagine the number of times that you were stuck in traffic or in a queue and you just end up wondering about other things that could have been a better and productive use of your time. So whenever I find more convenient ways of doing things, I’m always very excited to try it out and of course, to share with all of you, Blenders! The Game Changer When it comes to hard-earned freelance earnings on time, one of the most convenient ways to receive cash is using Unionbank’s EON Card. In Episode 159, I’ll show you why this card was made specifically for online freelancers and entrepreneurs. Using an EON Card will give you the following advantages: * Better Security You can lock your card, change your PIN, select trusted online shops, and change your daily withdrawal limits all from your phone. While you can manage your card from your smartphone, the app uses two-factor authentication to ensure a secure login to your account.  * Increased Convenience Absolutely no need to go to the bank to line up to get transactions done. You can get your EON Starter Kit from convenience stores and Lazada. Once you get your card, download the app and from there, you can easily set up and link your EON Card to PayPal. You can also upgrade your account from starter kit to other account plans from the app. Moving money from PayPal to EON is as convenient as the card setup too! Get access to your funds on the same day. * Access to a wide range of Services It’s easy to move money from EON-EON or EON-Unionbank accounts too. If you are working with freelancers and you all get EON cards, sending their payment is as easy as logging in and transferring money from the app. The card is accepted anywhere with VISA so you can go and buy from your favorite shops or go swipe your card for this week’s grocery run. In the next video, I’ll demonstrate how to link your PayPal account to your EON account. Interested in trying out the game-changer card for freelancers? Check out for more details!   Are You Ready to Become a Freelancer? If you are really serious about becoming a freelancer, you should first start with the tools of the trade. I will make your life easier by handing you more than 30 of the latest and greatest applications, software and websites that I, and even some of the most amazing freelancers, use on a day-to-day basis to become a more productive freedom entrepreneur.  Get “The Most Awesome Apps, Tools & Resources” Ebook Now!
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