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Radio Free Enterprise is Brain Food for Business Owners. Every show is designed to make you smile, make you think and make you say "Wow!" Host Frank Felker brings his 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience to the mic in every episode, providing insight into every aspect of successful business ownership through interviews, success story spotlights, book reviews and highlights from his online courses which include students from 140 countries around the world. Radio Free Enterprise episodes feature wannabe and first-time business owners, veteran business owners, women business owners, family-owned businesses, lifestyle and growth businesses. Guests also include angel investors, venture capitalists, business school professors, authors and celebrities.
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034: How To Build Business Credit

· transcript
My guest today is Mr. Michael England, president of River Capital in Stafford, Virginia.  What we’re talking about in this episode is credit. Specifically business credit; why it’s so important and what you can do to build up your company’s ability to borrow. The third of the Six M’s in my book Unlocking The M Cube is Money. Access to capital is a critical success factor when starting, growing and running your business. I am not a proponent of borrowing too much, having found myself overleveraged in the past. But I do know that the right mix of vendor credit, equipment financing and lines of credit are very important if you want to avoid cash flow problems. That’s why I invited Mr. England to share some knowledge on Radio Free Enterprise.
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