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Radio Free Enterprise is Brain Food for Business Owners. Every show is designed to make you smile, make you think and make you say "Wow!" Host Frank Felker brings his 40+ years of entrepreneurial experience to the mic in every episode, providing insight into every aspect of successful business ownership through interviews, success story spotlights, book reviews and highlights from his online courses which include students from 140 countries around the world. Radio Free Enterprise episodes feature wannabe and first-time business owners, veteran business owners, women business owners, family-owned businesses, lifestyle and growth businesses. Guests also include angel investors, venture capitalists, business school professors, authors and celebrities.
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July 4, 2017
My guest today is Mr. Michael England, president of River Capital in Stafford, Virginia.  What we’re talking about in this episode is credit. Specifically business credit; why it’s so important and what you can do to build up your company’s ability to borrow. The third of the Six M’s in my book Unlocking The M Cube is Money. Access to capital is a critical success factor when starting, growing and running your business. I am not a proponent of borrowing too much, having found myself overleveraged in the past. But I do know that the right mix of vendor credit, equipment financing and lines of credit are very important if you want to avoid cash flow problems. That’s why I invited Mr. England to share some knowledge on Radio Free Enterprise.
June 27, 2017
Regular listeners to the show know that I talk a lot about what I call The M Cube, the six sides of business success that every professional must recognize and master in their pursuit of their own entrepreneurial dream. The first and most important of those six Ms is M1: Mission. Why have you chosen to start and run a business rather than pursue a more traditional career path? Let's face it you're taking on a lot of risk. You're probably taking on a lot of ridicule from friends and family who say oh you're crazy, you can never do it. You're sacrificing time away from your family and from hobbies and other pursuits. I believe that if you're not clear about the reasons why you're making this move you could find yourself in trouble before you know it. Today's guest, Coach Reggie Jackson of JS Coaching in Woodbridge, Virginia, has a special gift for helping business owners discover their entrepreneurial WHY and use it to power their success.  
June 11, 2017
Of all the types of businesses we could choose to go into, it seems as though starting a home improvement business is one of the most popular options. The problem is that many people mistakenly assume that, just because they’re handy with a hammer they’re qualified to become the leader of a home improvement firm, which results in some less-than-professional contracting companies out there. But today's guest, Jeremiah Davies, is an exception to that profile. Jeremiah is the Founder and President of Orion Home Improvements in Merrifield, Virginia - a truly a professional contracting company that has seen tremendous growth over the past few years due to their focus on customer satisfaction. In this episode of Radio Free Enterprise, Jeremiah shares some of the elements that have gone into that success.
May 26, 2017
Sooner or later every entrepreneur moves from being a one-man-band to an employer. But very few of us have any recruiting or management experience. What is the best way to make that move? How do I go about hiring my first employee? In this episode of Radio Free Enterprise I have two guests joining me to talk about one topic: Attracting, Retaining and Developing Top Talent into your business. And, most especially, how to get started with that first hire. My first guest is former Air Force helicopter pilot turned first-time entrepreneur Curtis Marshall, owner of DC dot Rentals, a small but rapidly growing residential property management firm based out of Alexandria, Virginia. My second guest is a veteran entrepreneur. Brian Fielkow is president of JetCo Delivery in Houston, Texas and author of the book Driving To Perfection: Achieving Business Excellence by Creating a Vibrant Culture. In this interview Curtis explains the challenges he is confronting as he faces the task of hiring his first employee and Brian shares his wisdom and experience in regards to building a successful team and culture.
April 5, 2017
I like to talk about a lot of different things on this podcast including technology, venture capital, how businesses and industries arise to solve problems and address needs. I like to talk about first-time business owners and Boomerpreneurs - people who start a business in their retirement years. Most of all, I like speaking with creative and interesting people. In today’s program I am bringing you all of that in the person of Jeff Kofman, who is CEO and co-founder and an incredible startup called Trint. After 33 years as a broadcast journalist for CBC, BBC, CBS and ABC, Jeff Kofman became "The Accidental CEO" of this London-based tech startup. In this episode of Radio Free Enterprise, Jeff talks about how he came to be an entrepreneur at this stage in his life and the similarities between being a war correspondent and the CEO of a fast-growing company.
Jan. 10, 2017
I generally interview guests who share insights into running a successful business. But I recently met someone who caused me to consider the idea of reaching to another audience as well. What if you have yet to make the leap into entrepreneurship? What if you are feeling the urge to leave your 9-5 job but need help deciding what type of business to start? My in this episode of Radio Free Enterprise is, Faizun Kamal of FranNet, is an expert at helping first-time entrepreneurs decide whether purchasing a franchise is the correct course for them to follow. In spite of the billions of dollars of revenue generated worldwide on an annual basis I have not always been a fan of the franchise model. But, after learning more about Faizun and the process her company uses to guide novices into the world of business ownership, I felt it was important to share what she had to say with you.
May 12, 2016
William Davey's home improvement and remodeling company generates well over $1 million in annual revenue. And the vast majority of those sales come by referral. Over the years William has literally made a science out of Referral Marketing and is currently hard at work on his upcoming book The Referral Factory which is scheduled for an Autumn 2016 publication by Powerhouse Publishing. In this interview William presents a perspective on generating referrals that you may never have considered before: making yourself referable! And he tells us exactly how to do that. No matter what type of business you are in you can dramatically increase your revenue through effective Referral Marketing. And no matter how good you think you already are at generating referrals, you can learn a lot from William Davey. I know I have. CONTACT WILLIAM DAVEY [email protected]
March 25, 2016
Brian Fielkow began changing the corporate culture at Jetco Delivery immediately upon purchasing the Houston-based freight hauler in 2006. In the ten years since then he has grown the company six-fold. In this episode of Radio Free Enterprise, Brian explains why Big C Culture is one of the most critical success factors for any company of any size, and gives example after example of companies that are living and dying based upon the values ingrained in their corporate culture. If you think your company is too small or too big or too new or too old to benefit from or implement a change in culture, you are mistaken. Spend thirty minutes listening to Brian and then get to work building a culture that reflects not only your goals and objectives but, more importantly, your beliefs and values. After you’re gone the culture you have created will live on as your legacy. Connect with Brian Fielkow Email: [email protected] Web: Brian’s LinkedIn Profile
March 9, 2016
How do SBA Loans work? What exactly IS an SBA loan and why would I want one? How do you find the right SBA lender? How do you apply for an SBA loan? Is the approval process more complicated and time-consuming? All of these questions and much more are addressed by Brian Seliber and Craig Hairston of M&T Bank in this episode of Radio Free Enterprise. Debt Capital (loans) are an important option for the owners of main street lifestyle businesses. And the Small Business Administration has made it easier for lenders to say "Yes" to more small business borrowers by agreeing to guarantee the repayment of some portion of the loan should it go into default. But the entire program and the application process seem to be shrouded in mystery and many potential borrowers avoid this avenue because they just don't understand it. In this interview I ask all the questions I could think of to draw out the answers you're looking for about SBA Loans. If you have a question that wasn't answered, contact Brian Seliber of M&T Bank using the phone number below. CONTACT BRIAN SELIBER of M&T BANKTelephone: 703-256-3743
Feb. 29, 2016
I believe that an investor pitch presentation is one of the most challenging forms of human communication. There is a huge chasm between the speaker and the recipient. The entrepreneur doesn’t understand what the investor wants to hear and the investor, while much more experienced in these conversations, probably can’t figure out what the heck this particular entrepreneur is trying to tell him. In this episode we shine a light on this problem with successful serial entrepreneur, former corporate venture capitalist and current angel investor Roger London. Roger explains in detail: How to land a meeting with an angel investor What that meeting will look like What investors want to hear in a pitch presentation How to build your slide deck Red Flags and Green Lights What a successful outcome looks like If you have ever wanted to make - or do a better job making - investor presentations, you do not want to miss this interview.

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