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Richard Seroter and Coté talk about recent news in the cloud native world and discuss topics around organizations transforming to cloud.
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April 9, 2018
All these "users" are actually people using our software. What designers, programmers, product managers, QA, and operations people put into the software and support in it has real impact on our actual life, here in the real world. Despite that, we don't have a strong sense of ethics in software, which our guest this week, Mariesa Dale, is trying to start addressing. She recently wrote a Hippocratic oath for technologists which we discuss. As always, we also go over recent infrastructure and cloud news, plus cover tips on what to take, and not take, when you go camping. Full show notes: http://pivotal.io/podcast
April 1, 2018
What do you do with grumpy people? How do you track how much - or how little! - you're actually improving? These are two of the questions Richard and Coté are frequently asked. In this episode - our 100th! - we go over these two questions and others that we're often asked. Of course, we also cover our attempts to answer them. As always, we also cover some recent infrastructure news and give some business travel tips at the beginning. Full show notes: http://pivotal.io/podcast
March 25, 2018
The Cloud Foundry user base and projects have expanded over the past year, adding members, users, and major components like the Container Runtime. In this episode, we catch up the CFF's Executive Director, Abby Kearns, on the Cloud Foundry ecosystem and the upcoming CF Summit. Also, Richard and Coté's tell you the sessions they're looking forward to and discuss when it's time to do the great pants to shorts switchover, plus Coté's seersucker collection. Full show notes: http://pivotal.io/podcast
March 23, 2018
Part of what defines an application as "cloud native" is an application and management style described by "the 12 factors." While these seem simple at first, each of them just the top of the iceberg of recommendations. Coté plumbs the depths with Nate Schutta to see what's under the waterline. They also discuss where state is in this stateless model and how it's managed. Full show notes: http://pivotal.io/podcast
March 5, 2018
Developer tools have changed wildly over the past 10 years from build tools to IDEs. The IDEs available have not only increased, but usage of each has grown. In this episode, Richard & Coté talk with Martin Lippert about Spring Tools 4. And, as always, we cover some recent news in the cloud, infrastructure, and development spaces, plus, the squirrels of Coté's yard. Full show notes: http://pivotal.io/podcast
March 1, 2018
Security is more about finding holes and devising patches. For one, once you find those holes and have a patch, you have to make sure everyone not only knows about them, but applies them. We talk about how Pivotal is doing this both inside Pivotal and with our customers, with Molly Crowther. Also, we talk about tactics for getting your developers more security conscious, in a way that both is useful and doesn't spook them off. As always, we also cover some recent news and discuss the merits of dog licks. Full show notes: http://pivotal.io/podcast
Feb. 10, 2018
While much of the magic of cloud native apps comes from being stateless, state must exist somewhere. Not only does this data need to be stored and accessible, but just as with the source code and builds for your application, the backing databases need to be managed and included in the build pipeline. Datical has been working on this problem for sometime. In this episode, their CTO, Robert Reeves, discusses all of this with us. Full show notes: http://pivotal.io/podcast
Feb. 6, 2018
All the kids are crazy for kubernetes. And for good reason, it's helping smooth out the rough, weird area between IaaS and PaaS, making it easier for organizations to run their IT in a cloud native fashion. In this episode, Richard and Coté talk with Pivotal's Paul Czarkowski about the history, purpose, and experience of running kubernetes. We also touch on how it intermixes and effects serveless and DevOps. Plus, we talk about doing CFPs, and, as always, we also go over recent news in the infrastructure world. Full show notes: http://pivotal.io/podcast
Jan. 31, 2018
Doing proper, product-driven, user-driven agile in large organizations is hard. Much of it, of course, has to do with organizational processes that are inflexible and built around long-term planning. Emily Tate knows all this first hand, and we discuss her about her recent talk on this topic. As always, we also go over recent news in the infrastructure world. Full show notes: http://pivotal.io/podcast
Jan. 23, 2018
Open source has become one of the most popular - if not the most popular? - ways of producing and maintaining software. What are the advantages for developers, and how should organizations evaluate the long term viability of open source projects? We discuss these topics, plus a little bit of a look back at the history of commercialized open source in this episode.

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