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Parisian Selector DJ Just Dizle aka Le Champion spent his early years amongst Tigers, Snakes and Hawks. No Really, his infatuation with sound began at the tender age of two.
One day while trying to feed his insatiable
hunger by snatching and killing an elephant
with his teeth, Just Dizle noticed a car
idling next to him. Inside the vehicle was
a couple on safari. The noises emanating
from the whip were reminiscent of the heartbeat
of the lion that had so lovingly raised
him coupled with an abundance of melody.
Curious about these peculiar sounds,
Just Dizle asked the couple what it was.
hey told him it was hip-hop.
It was at that very moment that everything
changed. Emerging from his Kiplingian stint
as the only boy in the jungle, he would soon
step to the fore as an anomaly amongst
men and purveyors of fine musical works.
DJ Just Dizle has since cemented a
reputation as one of the most requested
DJ’s in France.
He has remained a fixture across platforms,
rocking sets on TV, radio and in clubs.His
mixes have become the stuff of legend.
He has played to ovations at clubs and somehow
developed the uncanny ability to be
everywhere at once.
Armed with turntables and a stern poker
face, Just Dizle travels the globe to fulfill
his stated mission of uniting the masses
and providing the score for life’s best
moments with a tireless work ethic and
undisputed champion sound.
Booking: [email protected]
United States
220 episodes
since Oct, 2007


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