June 2, 2015
Today is a special episode and you, my dear listener, are in for a treat! I’m interviewing one of my favorite podcasters, Evernote guru, Apple fanboy, tech genius (at least, genius compared to me), and all around inspiring dude, Andy Traub!!! Andy is the founder of TakePermission.com and DigiHowTo.com. During his years of podcasting, he […]
May 15, 2015
I got my first hater! I got a negative comment on one of my podcasts. I have to admit, it stung. I don’t want anyone hating me. This person said my show had never been that great anyway and they were unsubscribing because they were offended at something I said which, according to this person, […]
April 8, 2015
Do you trade reviews? Is it a good strategy for pumping up your numbers? We’ll discuss this on today’s episode. Also, I feature a plug for a very helpful episode of Libsyn Live, in which Elsie and Krystal discuss Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about RSS Feeds
March 24, 2015
Howard Stern says podcasting is for losers. He also said the model of broadcasting isn’t changing. What a genius. What’s the one thing you need to have a successful podcast? Consistently. Great. Content. That’s it. Of course, high-quality audio production, a catchy name, great artwork and music, a winning marketing strategy, and lots of cross […]
March 9, 2015
“97X… BAM! The Future of Rock and Roll!” – Raymond in Rain Man Podcasting is the future of media, business and, dare I say, Rock-n-Roll. On today’s episode, I’ll take you on a short trip down memory lane to a time when another medium was bringing big changes. Then, we’ll look at how it’s happening […]
Feb. 27, 2015
Podcast Editing – How much should you edit? What should you edit? When do you stop editing? Here are 5 tips to help you edit your podcast better: Stay on topic. Get rid of filler words (um, y’know), heavy breathing, and mouth noises. Get a noise gate. Edit. Listen to the entire episode and carefully […]
Feb. 10, 2015
I once heard an interview with U2, in which the band members were answering questions submitted by their fans. One question for the Edge was a common one for a guitarist – “What kind of guitar is your favorite?” Bono, suffering from a touch of lead singer syndrome, jumped in and answered the question, basically […]
Jan. 27, 2015
My web host offers unlimited bandwidth and storage. Can I host my podcasts on my site? If you start hosting all your audio files on their servers, you will soon find that their unlimited bandwidth and storage is, to put it mildly, a tad more expensive and/or suddenly very limited. Lots of web hosts say they […]
Jan. 12, 2015
On today’s episode, I talk about the RePop 320 pop filter, the Great Instapurge, and the hard road to the top. Is the RePop filter worth it? I just got a RePop 320 filter for my microphone. $70 plus a little extra to get it here in time for Christmas to replace the $6 windscreen piece […]
Dec. 17, 2014
Have you ever gotten unwanted reverb or echo? Do you know the difference between reverb and echo? On today’s episode, I explain the difference between the two and explore some of the reasons why you may experience unwanted reverb or echo. I also discuss how to take care of the problem. I also play a […]