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Home of the Preemptive Multi-Talking podcast. Join Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell for an informed, opinionated, and in-depth discussion on what's happening in tech right now. Between ghetto cocktails and Harley the Business Dog, Preemtive Multi-Talking will help you cut through the misinformation and link-bait that's plaguing technology news and analysis today. Listen to Chris and Mike break it down and tell it like it really is.
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since Jul, 2015


Preemptive Multi-Talking - Johnny and the Liquidators

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Welcome to Pre-emptive Multi-Talking, the podcast where your hosts Chris Marriott and Mike Lovell translate clickbait and FUD into objective (well, mostly), informed opinion on the latest news and trends in tech. This week we cover a range of headlines in tech like John Chen running Blackberry into the ground, exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, exploding replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, Google's Project Vaporware aka Ara, mobile CPU performance, the iPhone 7, iOS 10, and how nobody cares about Google Allo - and more.
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