Calf Tour

By Ryan Bentz

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The Calf Tour podcast, hosted by Ryan Bentz is an interview style podcast where we dive into all things regarding the beef cattle industry. Guests range from independent owner operators, to large ranch managers as well as industry specialists. Join us for engaging and thoughtful conversations on the only podcast on iTunes that specifically addresses all things recreational as well as business in the beef cattle industry.
April 16, 2018
Marketing cattle via Video with Dennis Metzger. Dennis Metzger is a private sales consultant for Superior Livestock Auction. In today's episode we delve into how to best market your genetics from one mixed load to multiple weight-specific loads. Dennis is a wealth of information who has amassed a multi-faceted career around the cattle industry and provides the listeners with much information regarding many aspects of marketing in today's age. As a bonus, Dennis discusses the Hoodoo line of Charolais genetics. You can contact Dennis Metzger via telephone at 816.519.8208 and visit Superior Livestock auctions at
April 16, 2018
In this episode of the Calf Tour Podcast, we welcome Galen Fink of Fink Beef Genetics, breeders of Angus and Charolais cattle. From Fink Beef Genetic's website: "One cow, $4,000, no owned land, and two jobs was the start of Fink Beef Genetics in 1977. Innovation, nontraditional, unique, and outside-the-box thinking has forged us on for 35 years. Now in 2016, we will market approximately 700 bulls. A 99.9% artificially inseminated herd for 35 years, one of the largest embryo transplant programs in the United States, and a networking of all segments of the cattle industry, plus old-fashioned cow sense has driven this family-owned operation since 1977. We have never waited for things to happen. If we see a need, we do it only if we feel it is in the best interest of our customers. Fads are not part of our program… long-term results are. When you call Fink Beef Genetics, you will talk to one of us." Galen and Lori are genuine, self-made people that have been very strategic in building their business. Throughout the show, Galen talks about customer experience and the importance of not trying to reinvent the wheel, but always using proven genetics. Join me for a enlightening and honest conversation about the challenges of the beef industry, genetics that work and how anyone can still make it in the beef industry. Explore more about Fink Beef Genetics at
April 8, 2018
The first guest for the Calf Tour podcast is Mr. Shane Strickler, owner and operator of Strickler Livestock located in Orland, California. Throughout the show, Shane discusses his production model of raising Simangus seed stock and show genetics. Shane is a 25 year producer of beef cattle and in the past has specialized in the production and sales of club calves for youth exhibitors in California. Along with extensive knowledge of seed stock genetics, Shane is also a 17 year veteran pharmaceutical salesman for Boehringer Ingelheim, and provides some professional insight into that aspect of production. You can find more about Strickler Livestock by visiting

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