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Lectures for a Survey of British Literature from the Romantics to the Moderns. ENG 264 is an online course offered during Mercer University's summer sessions.
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May 14, 2007 · transcript
George Bernard Shaw and World War I poets
May 14, 2007
Gerard Manley Hopkins and Thomas Hardy
May 14, 2007
Oscar Wilde
May 14, 2007
John Stuart Mill and Victorian Ladies and Gentlemen
May 14, 2007
Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning
May 14, 2007
Alfred, Lord Tennyson
May 14, 2007
The Victorian Age, Thomas Carlyle and Industrialism
May 14, 2007
Felecia Hemans and John Keats
May 14, 2007
Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley
May 14, 2007
Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Dorothy Wordsworth

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