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Raakesh dot Com is a channel maintained by Raakesh Blokhra and he adds audio tutorials, product reviews and other information to help Internet Marketers, Web Developers and Website Owners. Raakesh is a founder of several globally successful products including Affiliate Radar, Long Tail Magic, Offer Vault, Instant LP and more. Raakesh has a channel on Youtube (called RaakeshDotCom) where he adds video tutorials, and is building a directory of podcasts for entrepreneurs on the go.
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Nov. 10, 2009
If you have ever wondered what more could you do to build higher quality landing pages for organic and paid (PPC) traffic, here is a 37 minute podcast that gives you one idea, after another. Whatever I talk about in this podcast has worked for me and most of it has come from hard, first hand, hands on experience. It talks about some tools and services out there that could help you get the results that you expect and also some techniques to get free traffic, as well as ways to build high quality inbound one way text links.
June 11, 2009
An overview by Raakesh, explaining what makes Drupal a great Content Management System to install, from an SEO prospective. These are not Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tricks and tips, but just simple explanation of why search engines like Drupal based web sites.
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