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Preneur Spark: The Preneur Spark Podcast focuses on sharing the ups, downs and successes of entrepreneurs. Tim shares his own experiences by interviewing all types of today's entrepreneurs. He also shares the challenges of small business owners, entrepreneurs and provides help with being sales trenches. Preneur Spark Podcast helps those to hopefully not have to go through some of those difficult experiences by sharing invaluable real world experiences. If you want to speed up your sales, get introduced to the right and really grow your business, then this is the place to be. Get Your Preneur on!
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Aug. 30, 2016
I sat down with restaurant entrepreneur, founder and owner Jose Bravo of Mexican Grocery and Veracruz Mexican Restaurant and got the run down of going from the idea to start up, ups and downs of running and growing both businesses. Jose is hoping this information will help other entrepreneurs grow a little faster with less bumps and maybe a little more success. Some Takeaways: "Prepare for adequate cash flow, clearly define your goals and set dates for achieving them,learn everything you can, organization is key, don't assume you don't need every invoice or receipt. The real world is far different than what you learn in business school." I ask Jose why he decided to open the Mexican restaurant after starting running the Mexican grocery store, he told the market had become much more competitive in the grocery store business. He was able to see ahead that the restaurant business would most likely be a more stable business and transitioned well to that business. Of course that's where the good cash flow, vision and experience came into play. Jose also said there is no best time star a business. I ask him what other suggestions he might have for new entrepreneurs and he said to start out by using advice of professionals. The other thing was to advertise, not when you think you need it, but when business is good.

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