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The Edge show gives the latest weekly news from Microsoft relevant for IT Professionals and a technical dive into various products and scenarios like Windows Server, Windows Azure, Private Cloud, and Consumerization of IT.
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June 12, 2015
In Edge Show 148, Taylor Brown, Microsoft Senior Program Manager, tells about Windows Containers on Ch9 Live at Ignite 2015. Taylor clarifies and demystifies different technical aspects of Windows Containers and answers many of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that are not found anywhere else.  More specifically we cover:[00:33] What are containers?[01:32] Can you forget about containers and just keep using virtualization?[03:00] Does containerization help with hardware density and utilization?[03:50] What is the difference between Windows Server containers and Hyper-V containers?[05:17] Where is Microsoft using Windows Containers?[05:58] Can you run Windows Containers on Nano Server?[07:08] Is there a reason why you would ever want to run Windows Containers on a full GUI version of Windows Server?[07:40] Where can you deploy Windows containers?[08:53] Will Hyper-V in vNext Windows Server support nested virtualization?[09:47] Where are some areas where Dev and Ops might work together with Windows Containers?[11:10] How are deployments easier or different with containers? (and a story of Mark Russinovich's keynote)[12:51] Do you have to run Docker to create and use Windows Containers?[15:00] Are Linux containers interchangeable with Windows Containers (i.e. via Docker)?[17:03] When might someone use Docker Machine or Docker Swarm with Windows Containers?[18:35] Are containers secure? More or less secure than virtual machines?[20:47] How is patching different now with containers?[23:00] How do containers relate to Infrastructure as Code?[24:55] What is a micro service and how does this relate to containers?[26:25] Why or when might you want to utilize containers, micro services, or the Azure Service Fabric?[29:00] What are some recommended next steps to get started with Windows Containers?Windows Containers Homepage - http://aka.ms/windowscontainersSign up for a free trial of Windows Azure - http://aka.ms/aztrialNews:Check out the Microsoft DevOps news highlights at: http://aka.ms/DevOpsNewsConnect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @MattMcSpiritFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook 
June 5, 2015
For Edge Show 147, Rick Claus chatted with Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure and technical guru extraordinaire, at Channel 9 Live at Microsoft Ignite. Listen in for some cool insight into what has Mark excited about the Azure platform and what he believes are some of the most important updates to the platform with our recent round of releases.Connect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @MattMcSpiritFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook
May 26, 2015
At Microsoft Ignite, Simon May had the chance to sit down with the authors of Enterprise Mobility Suite Managing BYOD and Company-Owned Devices from Microsoft Press, Yuri Diogenes and Jeff Gilbert to talk through the unique book. The pair also worked on a poster that draws out the entire enterprise mobility architecture (and which IT pro doesn't need posters for her office??) You can get the book here from Microsoft Press 
May 14, 2015
In Edge Show 145 on Ch9 Live at Ignite 2015 we get a practical view of DevOps people, process, and products from real world experiences inside of Microsoft with Brian Harry, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Developer Division and Donovan Brown, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft.  More specifically we cover:[01:25] Tell me some success stories of how Dev and Ops working together has produced great business results?[04:30] Is it really possible to have more change and more stability?[07:47] How have you seen the TFS / VSO product team culture change when going through a DevOps transformation?[13:25] How does technical debt impact teams?[16:33] What are some of the higher value add things the Ops team did in the DevOps world?[17:55] What are some practical tips you can do to reduce your technical debt?[20:54] What are some ways to measure DevOps?[23:17] What are some Microsoft tools and products you can use to track these metrics?[25:35] How has shared metrics changed the way in which teams function?[27:34] The 5 Whys[28:36] What is coming from Microsoft in the future related to DevOps products and tools?News:Check out the Microsoft DevOps news highlights from the past ~month at: http://aka.ms/DevOpsNewsConnect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @MattMcSpiritFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook 
April 23, 2015
In Edge Show episode 144, Matt meets with Jonobie Ford, Senior Program Manager on the Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) team, to discuss a number of key capabilities coming to VMM with Update Rollup 6 (UR6), specifically focusing on 2 highly requested features.  The first is Azure IaaS virtual machine management from within the VMM console! The second is support in VMM Service Templates, for Generation 2 Hyper-V virtual machines! If you're currently using VMM, and you're also using, or thinking about using Azure IaaS virtual machines, UR6 should be very interesting to you!Useful Links:Blog: October 2014 Announcements for Windows Server ContainersBlog: Windows Server and Hyper-V ContainersBlog: Announcing Nano Server for Modern Apps and CloudVirtual Machine Manager - User Voice FeedbackBlog: System Center Virtual Machine Manager TeamConnect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @mattmcspiritFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook
April 16, 2015
In this episode Rick does a quick intro and then gets out of the way for Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure to announce the General Availability of Premium Storage. High performance SSD backed durable storage paired up with the new Ds series of virtual machines and you get industry leading performance of 64k+ IOps for your most demanding workloads. Useful Links: The blog post where Mark Russinovich breaks down the technology on how this all works. Connect with the Edge Team: Follow @tnedgeFollow @MattMcSpiritFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDN Facebook
April 6, 2015
In Edge Show episode 142, Matt meets with Jose Barreto to discuss a key capability within Microsoft's software-defined storage (SDS) solution, Storage Quality of Service (QoS). Jose talks about where Storage QoS fits within the overall SDS solution, explains how it all works, and shows a cool PowerShell-driven demo of QoS in action. Jose also gives us a sneak peek into what the storage team will be delivering at Microsoft Ignite. If you're interested in storage, Jose has got you covered!Useful Links:Microsoft Azure BackupBlog: Azure Backup – Support for backup of Azure IaaS VMsBlog: Preview of DR for VMware VMs and Physical Servers to Azure using ASRSystem Center Operations Manager - Azure Pack Management PackJose Barreto's BlogTechNet: Storage Spaces OverviewBlog: Storage QoS Guide for Windows Server Technical PreviewWindows Server Technical Preview 1 - DownloadConnect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @MattMcSpiritFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook
March 26, 2015
In Edge Show 141, learn how to use the new Chef Provisioning capabilities to provision machines and applications to Microsoft Azure in this demo heavy interview with John Keiser from Chef. John walks through all the steps you need to get this running yourself as well as helpful insights from one of the engineers responsible for developing this functionality.  More specifically we cover:[09:25] What is the history behind Chef provisioning and why does it exist?[02:19] Were there other names to Chef provisioning and why did it change?[03:03] Demo: Format of a Chef provisioning recipe[05:00] Demo: setup pre-requisite steps to be able to use Chef provisioning[07:04] Demo: editing the provisioning recipe[09:10] Demo: executing the provisioning recipe in local mode (chef-client -z)[11:01] Demo: how to create 10 machines using chef provisioning[13:10] Demo: re-running a chef provisioning recipe where the machine already existsChef Provisioning Azure on GithubSign up for a free trial of Windows Azure - http://aka.ms/aztrialNews:Check out the March 2015 Microsoft DevOps news highlights at: http://aka.ms/DevOpsNewsConnect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @MattMcSpiritFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook 
March 19, 2015
This Episode of the Edge show is focused on Enterprise Mobility and Simon May invited Fabian Uhse from the WorkFolders product team into the studio to talk about the iPad app for WorkFolders. If you aren't familiar with work folders, it's a really nice solution to use your existing Windows Server 2012 R2 File server infrastructure to enable sharing - across the internet - from those servers. Giving you the best of the cloud and making the best use of your on-prem investments.Fabian also gives us a sneak peak at the upcoming iPhone app too!For more news and information on enteprise mobility check out Simon's Blog.Connect with the Edge Team:Follow @tnedgeFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDNFacebook
March 12, 2015
In Edge Show episode 139, Rick introduces the newest member of the Edge Team, Matt McSpirit, who walks us through the key features and functionality of Azure Site Recovery, with a specific focus on Hyper-V to Azure protection for SMBs. If you're using Hyper-V, but don't have System Center, and you're looking at a streamlined solution for disaster recovery, Matt's got you covered. Useful Links: Tutorial: Set up Protection Between an On-Premises Hyper-V Site and AzureMicrosoft Virtual Academy - Microsoft Business Continuity (Clustering, Backup & Azure Site Recovery)Azure News: Check out my monthly roundup of IT Pro related Azure newsSign up for the Azure Security JumpStart taking place April 15th and 16th.Connect with the Edge Team: Follow @tnedgeFollow @MattMcSpiritFollow @dtzarFollow @SimonsterFollow @RicksterCDN Facebook
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