Large Nerdron Collider - The Podcast

Large Nerdron Collider - The Podcast
By Ariel Kasten and Jonathan Strickland
About this podcast
Ariel and Jonathan run down the top stories in geek news and give them context, breaking down each headline to get at the geeky center.
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Nov. 7, 2017
After a brief hiatus, Ariel and Jonathan are back to discuss and debate the geeky topics of the day. Stephen Stepto Toulouse passed away Ant-Man and Wasp set photos Han Solo Movie Title Disney has big expectations from theaters showing The Last Jedi First photo of Venom (not much to write home about) Rumor: Old school Jimmy Olsen to cameo in Justice League Shazam Cast Cool new fantasy movie by Drew Goddard New Sci-Fi movie trailer: Radius Title of Miyazaki's last film announced Michael Bay Dora the Explorer movie Live Contra movie and TV Show Stargate Origins Teaser Nancy Drew reboot deux Castle Rock Trailer Missing the Mark Cartoon Episode Bright Featurette New trailer for Bright Massive budget for original content on Netflix in 2018 No multiplayer for the new Wolfenstein Last of Us 2 Trailer Microsoft stopping Kinect production Fruit Ninja Board game  
Sept. 30, 2017
3 hour Superman cut for Home release The Punisher Trailer Tomb Raider Trailer Jumanji trailer number 2 Teaser for Anna and the Apocalypse Why has there been so little progress on a Flash Gordon remake? Sci fi film "Deeper" will star Bradley Cooper and maybe Gal Gadot Can Wonder Woman save The Flash? The Inhumans has not technically been canceled already HBO's Watchmen series has started filming. Game of Thrones spinoff starting to take shape Justin Doble to create genre shows soley for Amazon Good Omens First Look Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in Concert Marvel vs. Capcom Trailer Final Fantasy 9 (original) available on PS4 Toys R' Us filed for Bankruptcy Blade Runner Whiskey Jolt Cola is back
Sept. 17, 2017
IT is a big success and we're not clowning around. We are talking about a lot of geeky stuff, however. Patty Jenkins officially set to direct Wonder Woman 2 SW IX director is out And JJ Abrams is back in Looks like Star Wars and Marvel will leave Netflix More Aladdin Casting Drew Goddard directing X Force New Tomb Raider Movie first look Blade Runner short film gives us some background on Bautista's character Hellboy first look The Current War trailer New Disaster Artist Trailer (NSFW) Downsizing Trailer Official Dracula prequel in the works IT is it at the Box Office Alamo Drafthouse clown screening of IT And Gerald's Game is coming to Netflix Multiple endings shot for Game of Thrones to confound spoilers Critics aren't crazy for The Orville Locke and Key begins casting New fanciful WB shows "Castle Rock" and "Deception" Electric Sheep Trailer Futurama radio play heading to The Nerdist Magic Schoolbus trailer & Lin Manuel Miranda Club Mickey Mouse Hawk and Dove in Teen Titans show  Kermit's new voice and the Hollywood Bowl performance New kid friendly take on Marvel Len Wein, co-creator of Wolverine, passes away Betrayal at Baldurs Gate out this Halloween Girl pulls sword from Lake  
Aug. 30, 2017
In this epic episode of epicness, Ariel and Jonathan chat about another iconic horror director who has passed away, weird candy from Japan and DC's long descent into cinematic madness. What is going on with the DCEU? We try to suss it out! Tobe Hooper, director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, passes away Female Dorian Gray movie Another Daniel Craig James Bond New Suburbicon trailer Hellboy news James Cameron criticized Wonder Woman and folks have thoughts Joker/Harley movie .....and an origin movie with a new joker Batman stand alone not part of the DCEU In fact, here's a roundup on the status of all upcoming DC films Moar Cable Shots from DP2 Avengers 4 set photos . Defenders on the Avengers set On site screening of Close Encounters of the third Kind Gritty Knightrider Reboot? Dolph Lundrgren Coming back to the Rockyverse in Creed 2 Another Blade Runner trailer Writer proud of Gremlins 3 script Glass Synopsis (spoilers of previous movies) Godzilla anime trailer Netflix Moviepass idea News on Season 2 of Jessica Jones Punisher Teaser Trailer for Real Stranger things Season 3 confirmed Doctor Who sidekick rumor FF XV coming to PC and a pocket edition BioShock 10 yr anniversary Jurassic World Evolution Game Star Wars RPG coming back L33t new gaming laptop Indiana Jones Land?!?!?!?! Oh Happy Day! Cough Drop flavored kit kats ....whhhhhhhhhy?!?
Aug. 18, 2017
Ariel and Jonathan tackle a bunch of small stories, convinced that they will have a super short episode. What follows is one of their epic mega super sized episodes, complete with deep discussions about Duck Tales, Stephen King and DeLoreans.  Original Godzilla passed away First look at Cable (Deadpool 2) Silver and Black gets a release date Miyazaki is back at it What does Tommy Wiseau think of the Disaster Artist so far? Neuromancer movie Justice League Reshoots to tweak Cyborg Dark Tower TV series is still plowing ahead Raven cast in live action Teen Titans series Karl Urban in Talks for a Judge Dredd tv show HBO hack crossed the line (even further) Big Hero 6 TV Show Disney Streaming service ....and Netflix trying to keep Marvel and Star Wars Donald Glover Deadpool Cartoon for FX NBC Female Forward Initiative Divergent TV series on Starz Hipster Brooklyn Munster Reboot Disney Star Wars Experience not requiring park ticket Kingdom of Loathing sequel PipBoy coming back for a limited time Batman: The enemy within launch Trailer Nintendo World Championships are back For Jonathan :Wet Hot American Summer comic series Hamilton App Japanese Politicians doing cosplay Street Fighter Hair Gel Non melting ice cream? Fan made lego Voltron set made real Guillermo Del torro Tequila Fallout Board game Flying Car by DeLorean?
Aug. 6, 2017
October is months away but this episode goes bump in the night! Ariel and Jonathan talk about geek news with a particular focus on the spooky, creepy and sometimes bloody horror genre. The new IT trailer is too scary for Ariel Stephen King Dark tower trailer thing Sharknado 5 trailer is too awful for Jonathan Temple trailer guaranteed to be too scary for Ariel so I'm warning her James Cameron considering a new Terminator trilogy Jared Leto might be done joking around, ready to get Bloodshot The Enchantress now wants to be 007 Pokemon in theaters What Happened to Monday trailer Suburbicon trailer What Star Trek Discovery was originally supposed to be Wrath of Khan director working on a Khan TV series? Rights issues are making it hard for Tales From the Crypt to come back Eli Roth bringing a doc series on the History of Horror Matt Groening's new animated series Disenchantment coming to Netflix AMC developing new series, including one from the creator of Arrival HBO was hacked Stretch Armstrong animated series Walmart's SNES snafu Infamous game Night Trap is coming back
July 25, 2017
Comic Con happened and blasted us with fourteen metric tons of previews, teasers and gossip. We measured it. This is legit. And so we break it all down for you, before we break down ourselves. Comic Con Roundup Justice League Trailer Ben Affleck contradicts rumors he's leaving the DCEU But this isn't rumor: Superman's moustache is leaving the DCEU The Flash film to adapt the Flashpoint storyline? Is this a DCEU reboot? Aquaman footage description from Comic Con The Rock won't be in the first Shazam film Thor Ragnarok trailer Ant Man and The Wasp info Captain Marvel will be a . . . period piece? Set in the 90s! Doctor Doom movie in development? Spawn is getting a reboot The Kingsman 2 Trailer Pacific Rim 2 Trailer The Shape of Water trailer Ready Player One Trailer Road to Blade Runner web site fills in some gaps Death Note trailer Bright trailer LEGO NinjaGo Trailer Channing Tatum rumored to be considered for Van Helsing in Dark Universe And Hollywood is adjusting to recent box office results Stranger Things Season Two Trailer (Thriller) The Defenders Trailer Iron Fist Season 2 confirmed with new showrunner Star Trek Discovery Trailer Doctor Who Christmas special teaser A look at Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Stargate: Origins trailer The Orville Trailer The Gifted Trailer Inhumans Trailer American Horror Story Season 7: Cult WestWorld Season Two Trailer Supergirl Arrow Flash Legends of Tomorrow Gotham Season 4 Walking Dead Season 8 Trailer Fear the Walking Dead Season 3 Trailer Once Upon a Time Season 7 Trailer Lucifer Season 3 Trailer Game of Thrones Season 7 Trailer Ninja Turtles ain't afraid of no ghosts Ivan Reitman would like a Ghostbusters crossover film Why did United Airlines tell Comic Con folks not to have comics in checked bags?  
July 17, 2017
George Romero, the man who defined the zombie, has passed away So has Martin Landau Who will be the Doctor? WHO??? Tremors pilot on Syfy New trailer for The Tick series Predator News - Like Father Like Son Asmiov's Foundation as a tv show? New Black Panther photos No standalone Hulk film for us, says Ruffalo New Inhumans trailer More Star trek Discovery details Crazy Russian film Guardians is coming to the US!!!!!! The Greatest Showman trailer Jumanji Trailer Blade Runner Second trailer Peter Parker was in Iron Man 2? R2-D2 is auctioned off for nearly $3 million Fox announces six new Marvel films. What are they? Beats us! The Jetsons being remade as a live action sitcom? First look at Ready Player One Speaking of nostalgia, details on the Ataribox arrived D23 News Segment - All Things Disney!!! Disney showed some footage of the Lion King live action remake News on Aladdin, the Wrinkle in Time trailer and Mary Poppins sequel news Description of the Avengers: Infinity War trailer shown at D23 Marvel is getting a VR game Kingdom Hearts 3 coming out in 2018 New attractions on the way to Disney World Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge More about that Star Wars-themed resort that's coming to Disney World Star Wars: The Last Jedi behind the scenes
June 30, 2017
Hiccup with the Han Solo movie Solution to Han Solo Hiccup? Spider-Man Homecoming early reactions are pretty awesome Also, there are two post-credit sequences at the end of Spider-Man X-Men: Dark Phoenix film may finally bring Dazzler to the screens. Yay. Get ready for another Fantastic Four reboot. But in a lighter tone. Wonder Woman breaks record for box office for a woman-directed live-action movie Justice League Reshoot photos And more photos Danny Elfman doing JL music Joel Schumacher wants to make an Arkham Asylum movie LA lit the BatSignal for Adam West and one last performance of his Batman Transformers 5 opening weekend not that strong all things considered Zachary Levi joining Psych movie Goodbye Christopher Robin Ferdinand trailer Ducktales theme song Will Ducktales be more like the old Uncle Scrooge comics? First Oats Studio short is out - Rakka Yet ANOTHER Wet Hot American Summer Supernatural Spinoff Choose your own adventure TV Old Man Jack - Big Trouble in Little China comics Preview audiences for 1984 on Broadway are having shocking reactions Hilarious Omaze campaign - Dodgeball
June 10, 2017
Black Panther Trailer Coming Soon and Poster And Here's the Trailer New CoCo trailer Animaniacs returning? Murder on the Orient Express film trailer Studio Ghibli theme park Stranger Things actor may play Cannonball in New Mutants Oats Project Cowboy Bebop Live Action D23 lineup Knifes Edge First Look at Mary Poppins Returns and photos: Jennifer Connelly Staring in Snowpiercer show Mummy tanking. Any listeners see it? What do they think? Phantom And Hunchback joining Universal Dark Universe Secret Genius Awards Gamestop branching into Boardgames Pokemon Go first Real World Event Super Nintendo World Samurai Armor for Dogs and Cats