Never Ever Give Up Hope

Never Ever Give Up Hope
By Carol Graham
About this podcast
Do you want to succeed? Need to be inspired? Want to be a victor instead of a victim? Are you looking for coping mechanisms?

This show shares stories of everyday people who refused to give up hope in the middle of insurmountable circumstances; people who have transformed their lives and want to give you their secrets of success. Their message is one of hope, encouragement, laughter and inspiration.

No subject is off limits, i.e. abuse, failure, health issues, depression, coping with stress.
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Jan. 12, 2018
Gary Sirak, financial advisor, and two-time author proves the American Dream is alive and well with his new book, The American Dream Revisited:  Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results.   Gary's book is turning skeptics of the American dream into believers that it is possible.     The American Dream Revisited:  Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results is turning skeptics of the American dream into believers with inspirational stories about people who have overcome great challenges to reach their American Dream.     The stories in The American Dream Revisited are not get-rich-quick stories.  They are stories of individuals who worked through hardships and challenges and were able to transform their dream into reality.   It teaches people the value of determination and grit, the importance of education and mentorship, and highlights the value of a sense of humor.  Gary's goal is to help as many people as possible to explore the opportunities and possibilities of their lives and give them the tools to achieve them.   If Your Money Talked...What Secrets Would It Tell?    Do you and your money get along?  Not so much?  It's OK.  Most people don't.  Over the course of 35+ years in financial services, Gary has learned a thing or two about money. This book is about personal finance and the most common mistakes people make with their money.  When it comes to finances, people often make the same mistakes again and again.  Gary decided to do something about it. 
Dec. 30, 2017
Allen Weinstein is the author of Memoirs of a Learning Disabled Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire.    Allen couldn't read until he was thirteen and written off by our educational system.      No matter what happened, Allen never believed he was a failure and overcame obstacles that were deemed impossible.  He said that failure is only when you quit.  Don't quit! One Sunday night he went to bed a multi-millionaire and woke up Monday morning penniless.  But, he turned it all around and believes anyone can.  When you have to FIGHT to succeed, you have a better chance at success!  Setbacks are important in life -- they help you to understand what NOT to do.   You will want to share his incredible story of overcoming what some might call failure.  But Allen saw these setbacks as opportunities -- he fought......and he won.  He knows that you can too - no matter what circumstances are in front of you.   The choices you make today -  you will be living with tomorrow   Your handicap can be your best friend  if you handle it properly You do not want to miss this amazing story of success against all odds.    
Nov. 25, 2017
Fred Griffin, Jr, is the founder and director of Touching Hearts Group Homes, Fred Consulting, Father Gang Clothing, Fred Griffin, Jr. Scholarship, Co-owner of  Confectionately Yours Cakes N Bakes, and Touching Hearts Academy and Adult Day Training Program.   Fred Griffin, Jr. has a passion for people with disabilities.  He worked as a program supervisor in the Behavioral Medical Division, has a Culinary Arts Degree and worked as a model for the world's largest agency, John Casablanca of Orlando.  Fred's website has much to offer you and gives information about the scholarship program, employment opportunities, services they provide and the Academy & Adult Day Training Program.  He shares steps to becoming a self-made millionaire. Fred's passion is to help people grow and develop management plans and create attainable goals.  His consulting firm helps business  owners with:   *Affordable business advice *Business Intelligence *Marketing & Advertising *Operational Functionality *Business/Personal Finance *Human Resources  Fred's interview will excite you and stir up your desire to attain your dreams.  He will help you reach your goals one step at a time.  You will love his energy and his heart.
Nov. 15, 2017
Cheri Swalwell is the author of Hope During Heartache, a compilation of 13 stories of men and women who suffered the loss of a child. There are no words more devastating than "I'm sorry, but your child is no longer alive!" Cheri also writes a series Spoken from the Heart which deals with learning to live with the pain of losing a child, dealing with infertility, miscarriage, and stillbirth. Both her book and her articles will touch your heart.  If you know anyone, or if you have suffered a loss in this manner, you will want to connect with Cheri.   After listening to her interview, you will want to connect with Cheri's group to help you or someone you know cope with such a loss:
Nov. 8, 2017
Barbara Carter is a visual artist, author, and instructor.  Barbara is a memoir writer who connects with her readers to help them understand themselves.  Her stories offer hope and raise awareness about various issues including anxiety, depression, loss, grief, a difficult mother/daughter relationship, alcoholism and other addictions. She began as someone who didn’t think she had anything of value to say but through her various struggles has discovered that she has much to offer to the world. Her art and writing have led her to the importance of healing wounds from the past so that one can live in joy and peace. In her memoirs, she helps the reader reflect on the good, the bad, and the ugly… to feel those feelings and process those experiences and at some point, let it go, lay it to rest, and be able to see the humor in a lot of those situations. Listen to her encouraging interview here:
Nov. 1, 2017
Lori Gano is a speaker, teacher, and author.  Lori has a passion for broken women and she goes into the trenches to help restore these women in rebuilding their shattered lives. Lori's career as a licensed general contractor and owner of a residential design and build construction company is what inspired her to help restore broken lives. Lori was born into a difficult family life whose parents were alcohol dependent and severely mentally ill.  She struggled through abuse, neglect, panic disorder, PTSD, and anorexia. But she was determined to make something of her life which led her to help others less fortunate. Marrying at 23, she was still suffering through panic disorder and anorexia.  She lost her mother-in-law to leukemia, became pregnant with twins but one was lost.  She lost her ability to work due to the high-risk pregnancy and they lost their home, cars and all their belongings.  They had to file bankruptcy and begin the process of starting over.   Lori knows what it means to restore what was lost and her story will grip your heart.  You do not want to miss her incredible story: 
Oct. 28, 2017
Colleen Adams made an impact in the world of fashion, but it was not the legacy she wanted to leave.  After years as a fashion executive, she left the industry to make a difference in the life of urban teens.  Sacrificing her financial security Colleen carved an innovative path of hope by establishing Empowered Youth USA.   In the depths of inner-city America, poverty and crime shape the lives of underprivileged youth. The children’s role models are drug addicts and criminals. Attending funerals of their friends seems as commonplace as hanging out at the mall and taking out the trash which might result in being shot to death. Electricity and functional plumbing aren’t guaranteed. By stark contrast, Colleen Adams hailed from the racially segregated south in the 1940’s and climbed her way to the elite end of the social scale. But after accomplishing hollow success as a fashion and publishing marketing executive, Colleen heeded her life’s calling to tackle the hopelessness and despair of disenfranchised inner-city young men. But could ONE person provide the means for youth from the most crime-ridden and poverty-stricken neighborhoods to actually achieve the American Dream? Colleen's interview will inspire you and hopefully, challenge you to help bring Hope in the Hood.  She has the unique ability to see the real person deep inside kids whom society has tossed aside.
Oct. 25, 2017
Lorraine Reguly, B.A./B.Ed., is an author and English teacher-turned-freelancer for hire. She offers 4 different services on Wording Well to help you with writing/blogging, and editing. Lorraine has helped many become published authors! In her interview, Lorraine shared her story of how she overcame suicidal thoughts that plagued her for years.  "Deciding what to do when you are suicidal is tough. You don’t know what to do. You don’t know who to turn to. YOU JUST WANT YOUR PAIN TO END."   Lorraine was raped when she was a 14-year-old virgin and tried killing herself when she was 15 years old.  She felt hopeless many times throughout her life.  She was a single mom who got involved with prostitution.  After going to school and becoming a high school teacher she quit teaching to return to prostitution. Her son ended up disowning her and in her pain, she smoked crack cocaine for 10 months. That was when she hit rock bottom.  There was nowhere to go but....up. After she nearly died from a burst appendix, it was a major turning point for her. She realized she did NOT want to die!  She wanted to LIVE!   She quit all negative things. She reconnected with her son.  She then started blogging and opened up her freelancing business a year later.  Then she wrote her books. Listen to her amazing story here:
Oct. 18, 2017
Judy Glenney is an author, speaker and a mover and shaker.  She wanted to compete in weight lifting but quickly realized there were no categories for women to compete.  Through a long process she started the competition sport for women nationally, then internationally, then into the Olympics. She has won several championships, both nationally and internationally.   As a late in life mom, she had only one son whose life was cut short by suicide at the age of nineteen. Judy's story of her son's life will grab you from the beginning of her interview as it is about the very timely and sensitive issue of transgenderism.   She openly revealed her emotions and frustrations both before and after her son's death.  She shares how she reacted to her son's wishes to become a girl to the guilt she encountered when he died.   Judy shares how the public school agenda is too quick to embrace the transition for young children  Listen to her interview to gain new insight  into the world of kids and transgenderism
Oct. 14, 2017
Charlana Kelly is an author of numerous articles and three books, “You are Not Here by Accident,”  “Reaching Out with a Message of Hope” and “In Search of the King's Court.”  Charlana's accomplishments are numerous; entrepreneur, pastor, community ministry leader, Podcast Host and CEO of SpeakTruth Media Group LLC.  At the age of six, Charlana found out that she was adopted which sent her on a downward spiral into her teens and beyond.  During her interview she delves into this subject and how it can affect kids.   Charlana learned many truths on her journey such as:   What we expect to come to pass.....will   There is always hope -- you are worthy and valuable   Hopelessness is losing your expectation of good   In her interview, she explains how to find your TRUE IDENTITY and how that can change your life.  She learned this truth after she grasped the truth about her adoption.     Charlana's question to you is -- Do you have a greater purpose than what you are living today?  If so, you are not alone.  You are part of a fierce army of ordinary people created to do extraordinary things.  There is MORE to you than you can imagine.