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Free People Move is a podcast made by Teleport, a company devoted to help people find their best place to live and work.
Jan. 18, 2017
What is place branding? Who does a place even need a brand? How do you make your brand exciting and compelling? Let's ask the expert—meet Peter Kentie—place brand-er, marketer, and the guy who just walked in last year and offered Estonia a pretty nifty country branding idea, because he just likes us that much.
Jan. 3, 2017
What is a good country? How can everyone make their country better? Why is important to look beyond your geographical location? Why should we make an effort to “stir it up”? Simon Anholt explains.
Sept. 21, 2016
In episode 16, we called up Roman Kalyakin, co-founder of Flystein, the "genius powered flight search". We had a little chat about what team Flystein does, how they do it, and how it makes traveling a whole lot easier for anyone who has ever felt the pain of trying to find good flight deals.
Sept. 8, 2016
Episode 15 of Free People Move is a special treat for everyone interested in remote work, because we had a chat with Dave Nevogt, co-founder of Hubstaff. Dave, who is pretty much a remote work veteran, told us about what Hubstaff does and who's in the team, how they manage Hubstaff and communicate effectively, we discuss tools to try out, and the perks and challenges that come with being a remote worker. Have fun!
Aug. 16, 2016
The Free People Move podcast is back! We had a chat with Parag Khanna, a leading global strategist, avid world traveller, best-selling author, and since quite recently also a member of team Teleport! Here's what's on the chat agenda: Who is Parag and what does he do? Connectography - Mapping the Future of Global Civilization Can and should we aim for a borderless world? Brexit and its consequences Is democracy destiny? Should we feel nervous about the current state of the world? What is yet to be fixed in the world? Have fun listening!
Nov. 26, 2015
In episode 13 of Free People Move, we had a very remote working-y chat with Mike Gutman – director of marketing at Flexjobs. With 10 years of experience with distributed teams and working remotely from several locations around the world, Mike was the obvious and perfect person to get a hold of to talk about everything related to our favourite topic - successful telecommuting. Happy listening!
Oct. 27, 2015
In episode 12 of Teleport’s Free People Move podcast, Elen had a chat with Paul Veugen, CEO of Human - an activity tracker that inspires people to get out there and enjoy being active.
Oct. 20, 2015
In episode 11 of Free People Move, we took a trip to the wonderfully Harry Potter-esque King’s College in Cambridge to have a chat with Ave Lauren – a PhD student specializing on economic geography. Ave has been mostly focusing on highly skilled migration in Silicon Valley and looking into the ways that mobile professionals construct their identities, form communities and engage with power structures. We talk about immigration, flexibility, mobility, Silicon Valley and the implications on what is happening to the general society. Happy listening!
Sept. 29, 2015
During one of the last sunny weekends in Estonia, Sten sat down in Saaremaa with Taavet Hinrikus, co-founder and CEO of TransferWise, to have a chat about his life and travels, remote working, future plans for TransferWise and arranging his fast-paced life around his family.
Aug. 6, 2015
For episode nine of Free People Move podcast, we sat down in lovely London and had a chat with Joséphine Goube, director of partnerships at Migreat - the one stop shop for visa and immigration information.
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