Lass is More with Josh Lasser

Lass is More with Josh Lasser
By Josh Lasser
About this podcast
Focusing on the media, "Lass is More" sits down with the individuals who make the movies and shows that people are, or will be, talking about. The things we watch are not created in a vacuum, but rather as responses to far larger thoughts and issues. From why someone took a role to what it means to them to where they’re going next, we put the pieces of the puzzle together. The "Lass is More" podcast gets to the core of the issue, offering perspective on both the people involved in a project, and the project itself.
Latest episodes
The third "Maze Runner" movie is coming out in less than two weeks, and Liam Neeson's latest actioner opened last week.  What does the former franchise and later stand-alone have in common?   They establish great ideas/worlds, but don't fully manage to carry that out into a full feature.  Well, maybe the first "Maze Runner" worked, but not the second. Listen as Josh explains it all...
Dec. 26, 2017
You may never have heard of "Killing Gunther," but you certain know some of the actors in it -- Taran Killam (who also writes and directs it), Cobie Smulders, and Arnold Schwarzenegger to name but a few.  It's something of a low-budget zany action-comedy about inept assassins trying to kill a good assassin.  You might never suspect it at first blush, but it kind of works.
Dec. 19, 2017
Is this our last episode for 2017? Yes, quite probably it is, and rather than doing a traditional round-up of the year we're going to look at three movies and examine how we (and by that we mean Josh) relate to the characters in them.  After all, the way we see/relate to the characters is a huge part of so many movies and in two of these three instances, it's just a little tough.
Dec. 12, 2017
David Huggins firmly believes in his many alien encounters and in his new documentary, director Brad Abrahams treats Huggins' beliefs with nothing but respect.  Today, Abrahams comes on the podcast to discuss his look at Huggins and how the piece came together.
Dec. 5, 2017
Today's podcast focuses heavily on Josh's son and said son's waning enthusiasm for the "Despicable Me" franchise.   "Despicable Me 3," technically the fourth film in the franchise, is out on Blu-ray today, but does that even matter to a six-year-old who once loved the Minions more than life itself?
Nov. 28, 2017
Out this week on Blu-ray is "Rememory," which features Peter Dinklage.  The film deals with a machine that can pull memories from people's heads and allow them to be viewed on an external screen. It isn't a particularly good movie, but it does work as a springboard for the larger discussion of how memories make us who we are.
Nov. 21, 2017
Writer/director/star Noël Wells ("Master of None," "SNL") drops by the podcast today to talk to us about her new movie, "Mr. Roosevelt."   The wide-ranging chat touches on everything from the origin of the characters to takeaway messages for the audience to Wells' favorite responses from those watching.  
Nov. 7, 2017
One of the questions that regularly occupies Josh's mind is that of how we become who we are.  That is, what is there in that vast hodgepodge of our history that blends together to create each of us individually and our worldview. What better way to explore that question than with two movies hitting blu-ray this week -- "Cars 3" and "The Glass Castle."
Oct. 31, 2017
Maggie Betts joins the podcast this week to talk about her film, "Novitiate," which is currently out in select theaters.  The film focuses on nuns, and those studying to be nuns, as the Vatican II talks take place.  Betts, the writer and director of the film, was at Sundance this year with "Novitiate," where she won the Director Breakthrough Award, and it later screened at TIFF as well.   Here she tells us what went into crafting the story and how much changed when she was on set.  
Oct. 17, 2017
The filmic adaptation of "Dreamgirls" is getting a swell new Blu-ray release this week, but watching it Josh couldn't help but think that the sort of fame and power offered up in the movie is fame and power Josh just doesn't want.  Then again, he doesn't want the fame and power afforded Peter Parker in "Spider-Man: Homecoming," so maybe he just doesn't want fame and power at all.