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Interested in game development and what goes into creating games?
We are a group of folks learning how to make games, just like you. As we explore game development, the different aspects of the creation and business of the industry, and what makes these things we play on our mobile devices and TVs so darn fun and intriguing and interesting to talk about and discuss.
Renzo G. Heredia (@RenzoGHeredia)
Maxine Rock (@LinguisticGamer)
Oleg Brodskiy (@Indie_Intern)
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July 19, 2015
Episode 3! Pardon the hiatus, as right after recording this, our audio editor Renzo decided to ditch us for a trip to Peru. How dare he take some time off? In this episode, we discuss Programming. To talk about it, we actually interview head and founder of Dejobaan Games, Ichiro Lambe. After the interview, take a listen to our E3 predictions and see how far we got on point/off point. :) Recording this before the E3 madness was rather entertaining for us, and we hope you enjoy this part of the episode as well!
June 4, 2015
Our 2nd episode introduces our podcast's next subject: "What is Game Design?". 1st Segment - Main Topic (0:00 - 25:10) Oleg takes the reign with his experience as a designer for his company, Mustachio Games, and explains the differences between system and content designers, and their importance in the development of a game. Renzo and Maxine bring up questions on what designers do for games, and Renzo forgets that The Last of Us does not have procedurally generated enemies in its design. :) 2nd Segment - Interview (25:58 - 58:32) We also ask this question in an interview Boston-based indie developer Jenna Hoffstein, founder of Little Worlds Interactive, who has worked in multiple studios and on multiple projects as a designer for content, combat, and levels. She has contributed a lot to the game industry with her game The Counting Kingdom and continues to work as a fantastic designer on projects. 3rd Segment - News (58:55 - end) We end the podcast with our first-ever news segment! We discuss current topics happening in the games industry and our thoughts and different opinions. This week we bring up: - Oculus VR founder sued - Konami PR Statement on Mobile Shift/Konami Speechless on Kojima - (Rumor!) Silents Hills to be purchased by Microsoft - FIFA 16 Gets International Women’s Teams Follow us on and feel free to contribute feedback to firstpersonstudent[at]
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